Why not get collision coverage on a BRAND NEW CAR?

by Lori

Why not get collision coverage on a BRAND NEW CAR?

I bought a 2010 Infinti FX35 and called my GEICO agent (or the 24 hour hotline) to speak to a representative to switch my insurance from my Honda Prelude to the new Infiniti.

We went thru each and every part of the policy and then he said it would take effect right away and that because of the changes my monthly payment would go up a bit. Which I figured.

Well, unfortunately my new car hit a pole causing $10,000 worth of damage. I call GEICO to put in the claim and WHAMO. The suspposed agent I spoke to who changed the policy NEVER added COLLISION to my new car policy. It was certainly discussed but NEVER implemented.

I had to pay for my new car to be fixed OUT OF POCKET. Oh, there is collision on it now. And to add insult to injury I had some adjuster call me about my car and cussed me out when I voiced displeasure with GEICO.

She was more concerned about the doggone pole I hit than me OR my car. Sarcastically, she retorted, "Well, isn't it convenient you have collision on your car now". I told her I WAS THE ONE WHO ADDED IT WHEN I found out the dimwit representative didn't.

I have tried to get GEICO to reimburse me for THEIR mistake and I have basically gotten pushed to the side. I just want someone out there to help me recoup the $10,000 I had to pay because of THEIR mistake.


Hi Lori,

So sorry to hear about the horrible situation you are experiencing and the lack of customer care provided to you by Geico.

Is there any chance that your phone call with the initial agent was recorded? I know a lot of companies do that these days. I would check into that if you can and get your hands on that recording.

If your conversation was recorded and you clearly discussed adding the collision insurance to the policy, you should certainly be able to get compensation from the company.

If they won't deal with you fairly, there's always the option of hiring a car accident lawyer to deal with the company. They probably won't handle it, though, unless you have some form of proof that you did agree to the coverage.

You have my complete sympathies on this. We get a lot of poor reviews for Geico and it sure would be nice if they would clean up their act!

Best of luck,
Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

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