Who Pays The Bill?

(Washignton, IL )

Who Pays The Bill On This Funny Insurance Claim?

As a paramedic, I was standing on the side on the road of a minor accident. One of the vehicle owners had called her own tow and she and the tow truck driver and were discussing how payment was going to be made.

The lady insisted that her insurance would pay the tow and the driver insisted that she had to pay the bill and get reimbursed from her insurance company.

During this debate the tow truck rolled backwards into the front of the car and actually did more damage than the original accident had done.

The tow truck driver looked on in horror and then with the little dignity he had left explained that he just heard that the towing bill was taken car of and he would be happy to tow her car.

The lady responded, "Absolutely, after we complete the accident report."


Good one, Jeek!

Being a paramedic, you probably encounter a number of unpleasant experiences. It's nice to know you get some good chuckles along the way, too.

I can just picture the scene unfolding. The poor tow truck driver. Sometimes, it's just not your day! :-)

Thanks for sharing!
Safe Driving!
Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

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