Whiplash Is Real!

by Retta Carl

It Doesn't Take Much To Get Whiplash

It Doesn't Take Much To Get Whiplash

I didn't used to think so, but whiplash is real!

About 15 years ago I had to run to town for some errands. It was a late fall day and the sky was spitting out some very wet snow. Flurries would come and go, making the roads slick for a few minutes until the snow melted.

I was on my way to Walmart and I was sitting at a stoplight and there was a minivan behind me that was already stopped also.

Suddenly I hear tires screeching and I look in my rear-view mirror. I can't see anything because the minivan is taller than me, but someone coming up behind them was not paying attention and had run into the back of them.

Now I am sure you are thinking at this point that the minivan slammed into me and that is how I got whiplash, right? Wrong!

The minivan did run into me, but it was just the merest little bump, barely enough to even jostle me. But it was enough to snap my head forward (and then back). I heard a pop in my neck, but it did not hurt. Not then.

I decided to visit the Doctor later that day because my neck was feeling a little sore. He put me in a neck brace and gave me muscle relaxers and pain pills and told me I was going to need them in the next few days.

I didn't really believe him, but lo and behold, when I woke up the next morning, my neck and shoulders hurt like the dickens!

Long story short, I wore the neck brace for about 3 weeks, had a couple of months of physical therapy and months of not being able to do a LOT of things without causing me pain.

I always thought people who claimed whiplash were probably not as hurt as they acted and just wanted some insurance money, until it happened to me and I can now assure you, whiplash is real!


Dear Retta,

Thank you for telling about how you discovered that whiplash is real, the hard way! I know exactly what you are saying.

I had a friend that was in a pretty nasty car accident this past winter and she had to wear a neck brace for several weeks.

Sadly, she was criticized by a bitter minded person in a very hurtful way, saying that she was just wearing the brace to get sympathy and insurance money, causing everyone else's rates to go up (and other unkind things).

Of course, I do realize some people DO try to take advantage of an accident to get MORE than fair compensation, but I'm thoroughly convinced that the insurance companies get the better end of the deal for the majority of cases.

Thanks again for telling your story to let others know that whiplash is real. Hoping you have not had any further problems as a result of that car accident.


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