What Brakes?!

by Robyn

A Hard Lesson Learned Well

A Hard Lesson Learned Well

Newly licensed, I had borrowed my Dad's car for the night. Not wanting to disturb them when I came home, I turned off the engine as I coasted down our steep driveway.

Unfortunately, I didn't realize that the steering wheel locks and the brakes fail without the engine going.

To my horror, I flew down the driveway, into our garage and straight into the wall adjoining Mum and Dad's bedroom.

Dad came out in his PJs; took one look at the car, one look at the wall and then looked at me. The only thing my lay-back Dad said to me before going back to bed was: "Dumb Broad."

Thankfully, the car didn't go right into their bedroom. My parents decided against using their insurance to fix it, so it remained as a constant reminder to me right up until I grew up, married and had children of my own.

Mum and Dad eventually sold the house, hole and all.


Hi Robyn,

Oh no, this story is priceless! I can just imagine your horror and recurring dismay over the years as the subject was brought up.

Clever dad you've got, too. Apart from the monetary costs of fixing the damaged wall, I guess the hole in the wall would serve as a constant reminder of caution while driving to you and then eventually to your children.

Thanks for sharing your funny car accident story with us. I know it wasn't so funny at the time, but it made me laugh today!

Safe Driving!
~Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

P.S. I wonder if that hole is still there after all these years? ;)

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