Wawanesa Insurance Company

by Jessie
(Hesperia, California, USA)

Wawanesa Insurance Company Customer Reviews

Wawanesa Insurance Company Customer Reviews

I've been with the Wawanesa Insurance Company in California for about 7 months.

I haven't had to file a claim with them yet, so I can't really comment on how efficient the Wawanesa car insurance claims department is, and I hope I never have to get familiar with them.

Overall, I am extremely happy with the Wawanesa Insurance service, quality, and price of their service.

I would recommend Wawanesa, CA to everyone.
~ Jessie

Hi Jessie,

Thanks for your review of Wawanesa Insurance Company. Even though you haven't been with Wawanesa long, it's still nice to hear your first impressions.

Those interested in Wawanesa Ins. need to be aware that at the time of this writing, Wawanesa only provides coverage in Canada and to those living in the US states of Oregon and California.

If you fit that description, Wawanesa may be worth looking into.

Safe Driving!
Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

Comments for Wawanesa Insurance Company

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Nov 13, 2010
Run By Criminals
by: Anonymous

I had to file a claim with Wawanesa Insurance. It was a horrible nightmare.

I feel I'm dealing with qualified criminals!

I'm even so scared to say my real name.. I'm scared of these guys!

Nov 13, 2010
Dealing with Wawanesa
by: Angie

I'm terribly sorry to hear that you are having such a horrible experience with Wawanesa.

Have you spoken to a good car accident lawyer in your area to see if they could help you and deal with the insurance company on your behalf?

It may be worth a try. Some lawyers will work on your behalf and only are paid if they get a settlement for you.

May 01, 2011
Wawanesa Insurance- Good Rates, Horrible Claims Handling and Customer Service
by: Anna Heaslet

I have been given partial denial for repairs on my vehicle that are the result of indirect damage from a car accident on 3/29/11. The damaged part on my car is the engine control module, which in Mitsubishis, is not a part that usually ever has to be replaced. I have spoken to all 12 Southern california Mitsubishi dealerships from San Diego all the way up to Long Beach, and not one had sold one of these parts in more than two years, if ever. They also all say that this is a very reliable part in an eclipse, but that the violent jolt of the impact can cause serious damage in computer parts like these, and that there is no way that the damage was a coincidence. The adjuster is saying that it is a coincidence that the control module was damaged at the time of the accident, and that it was just mechanical failure. He actually told me on the phone that, "we shouldn't have to pay for that, its expensive!" It took me 25 days from the first and last time that I spoke to my first adjuster John Hearst to get ahold of anyone at Wawanesa regarding my claim, no one would even return my messages. My car has been sitting in the shop in pieces for 20 days.. in pieces just sitting there. It took 13 days of the car sitting in pieces to even get the first partial denial. The manager of the collision center that my car is at has taken over handling my claim on their end, and completely backs me up. The adjuster says that he is denying this repair "based on my opinion, and my opinion is final unless you decide to take it to the next level." Well, I am a licensed insurance agent working for Farmers Insurance, and I know my rights, and have proceeded to take this matter to the next level because this has definitely reached bad faith claim status. All that I asked was to be treated fairly and have my car restored to the same condition it was before the accident, which is my right as stated in my Wawanesa Policy. Neither has happened with this company, and I am very sorry I hadn't switched to Farmers before this accident, because none of this would be happening right now.

May 02, 2011
Wawanesa Insurance Company Customer Review
by: Angie

Dear Anna,

What a dilemma! I'm sorry to hear about the struggle you are having to get fair compensation from Wawanesa. On the other hand, it's great that you have the experience and understanding of the industry to fight for your rights.

I very much hope that you will prevail in this instance and that your car will be fixed as it should be very soon.

I was interested to hear that you are a licensed insurance agent and that you work for Farmers at the moment. I'm wondering if you would be interested in writing some guest articles for us here at Auto Insurance Helper.

They can be related to Farmers specifically, or auto insurance in general.

If this sounds like a proposition that appeals to you, let me know via our contact form and we can discuss it further.

I do hope you will come back and let us know how your Wawanesa claim turns out.

Mar 15, 2012
fuming in fort macleod NEW
by: carrie

at the end of Jan. 2012 my toyota corolla was backed over by a dodge ram. I was waiting behind it on a street as it had signalled to turn left into a store parking lot, it suddenly and very quickly backed right on top of my side of the hood and fender. there was witnesses and even a video from the store of it; the police came, impounded the truck and all its occupants were put in jail-drunk! wawanesa wrote off my car,said I would get 4,000 minus $500 deductible.I said I would like to get quotes from local businesses for repair costs and if they were around $2500-$3000 I would buy it back.They said that was my choice, it would cost me 12% of their value for the buyback or almost $500.And I shouldn't drive the car anymore. I have loss of use on my policy so I asked about getting a rental until I could either repair or buy -in another province when I was in a no-fault(me) accident I had 2wks rental allowed- wawanesa 1st said no, then said 2 days max. as I would have a cheque from them by then. 2 days later in the a.m.,I let them know I would be repairing my car,they again said that was my choice, that I would receive a cheq. for $3020 from them,that car would need gov't. vechicle inspection before I could re-register it as a rebuilt-which I already knew.they also said I would get my deductible back if the other owner had insurance and their company would pay-lots of luck when they were drunk! NO offer to pay for a rental. 2 weeks later already back driving my repaired car-no money at all!! Also every time I talk to W. they act like I'm the one who did something wrong -I guess MAYbe being in the wrong place at the wrong time is enough for them -anyway I phoned again and told them I wasn't very pleased with them.They called back all apologetic, said I would have the money the next day(left on my vm.).4 days later my broker called to say they had the cheq.Went in sign off on the settlement & asked them what about the loss of use coverage I should have received, they called wawanesa while I was there and were told I didn't get any because they didn't authorize me buying back my car and repairing it! We are going to be cancelling them as soon as we find a reputable co.-what W. paid me is what we pay for one year's insurance -they're up 10,000 on us!!

Mar 15, 2012
Wawanesa Insurance Company Blues NEW
by: Angie

Wow, Carrie! What a mess! I don't blame you for giving the Wawanesa Insurance Company the old Heave Ho. They certainly deserve it.

Are you saying that you pay $3000 per year for your auto insurance? Yikes! That's pricey. Surely you can get it for a better price and with a more reliable company.

You can get some free quotes from the top companies in Canada at Kanetix Insurance.

Jun 20, 2012
Buyer Beware Indeed NEW
by: Anonymous

I believe the poster below. I've been lied to. Ever heard of doing maintenance on a shingled roof? In 30 years of roofing it's always been shingle or don't. These clowns clammed up when they realized they were being cornered. I guess they thought I was just Joe idiot. The claim is for a measely $2800. So I'm making a youtube vid to show everyone the 5 year old shingles they say were not maintained.

BTW, I dealing with this because Granny is too stressed. She knows they will run her out of money and probably stall any court claim until she dies.

What disgusting cowards. Pick on the poor and the elderly.

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