Virtual Drivers Ed
Take Your Drivers Ed Classes Online!

Virtual Drivers Ed is becoming more and more popular these days.

Learning at your own pace and at your convenience is a huge plus for most families.

Have you thought about how great it would be to take your drivers education training online?

That option is being used by many young people who are internet savvy and enjoy working at their own pace online.  Are you in a hurry?  No problem.

Maybe you'd rather go slow and steady and take your time.  You can do that, too, if that's your preference.  No pressure at all.

One of the best places I found for taking online drivers education is I Drive Safely. They have several options available. You can take a Drivers Permit course or a full fledged Drivers Ed Online course.

They provide a curriculum that includes multimedia interaction, easy to understand lessons, and multiple choice quizzes. You can study day or night, whatever suits your own schedule.

What will the Drivers Ed Training cover?

  • defensive driving strategies
  • communication between drivers
  • dealing with bicycles and pedestrians
  • basic maintenance for a safe vehicle
  • driving in various weather conditions
  • driving on difficult roads
  • safe use of technology while driving
  • hazards of driving under the influence

... and a whole lot more.

What I really like about the online virtual drivers ed is that it's wonderful for those young people who don't live near an appropriate drivers education training school.

Not every state is open to approving online drivers ed just yet (though most are), so if your state isn't listed with I Drive Safely, just ring up your local department of motor vehicles and see if they will accept their credentials. Even if they are not currently on the list, there is a pretty good chance they'll say yes.

Drivers Education Online isn't limited to basic Drivers Ed courses! You can take a Traffic School course to keep from getting points added to your license when you've had a moving violation.

If you're an older driver, you may want to consider brushing up with a Drivers Safety course online. This is something that you would definitely want to mention to your auto insurance agent so you can get an additional discount on your car insurance premiums.

What About Virtual Drivers Ed Games?

Would you like to practice with some virtual drivers ed games?

There are a couple of drivers ed online games that you can play for fun. The video driving games really aren't realistic compared to actual driving, but you do learn some basic driving principles and tips.

There are also some great quizzing games that can help you brush up on all the road rules before you have to take your permit test.

In fact, why not get a few friends together (or siblings) and have a contest?  See who can do the best and score the most points.  It'll be a great challenge, increase your knowledge, and be a load of fun.

When you've finished your online drivers ed course, rate your experience.  We want to hear all about it!

Safe Driving!

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