Very Cheap Car Insurance

Very Cheap Car Insurance

Do you want very cheap car insurance? Don't be embarrassed!  That's what we all want.  ;)

If you know a few little tips and tricks, you can get the cheapest auto insurance possible, and possibly even get it online.

The first step is to know what types of insurance coverage that you want to have.  I usually only get liability coverage because my own vehicles tend to be of the very cheap type.  (Is there a theme here?)

There is really no point in paying for comprehensive and collision coverage if the cost of the insurance premiums plus the deductible add up to pretty much the cost of replacing the vehicle. 

BUT, I can joyfully say that my current vehicle (still second hand but much more classy than I've grown accustomed to), merited a bit more care and concern than my usual run-of-the-mill runaround.

Because I'm currently living in Australia, (the terms are a bit different here), I opted for Fully Comprehensive Cover insurance - which translates as both comprehensive and collision coverage in my native jargon.

Even though I'm now splashing out for "full coverage" I still can't completely abandon my roots.  I wanted the cheapest auto insurance I could get, so of course I did a little shopping around before making up my mind.

It's not as difficult or as time consuming as some people thing.  You can even do your comparison shopping online.  These great companies make it easy by allowing you to fill out their online forms and then generate the cheapest auto insurance rates based on your own circumstances.

They will take your details and come back with the cheapest quotes available out of dozens of different companies. Each link will open in a new window so you can check with more than one. This will ensure that you find the best price.

Secrets To Getting Very Cheap Car Insurance

Apart from shopping around which is one of the main ways to cut your insurance costs, there are other tips you should know.

First of all, only get the coverage you need. Don't pay for insurance you can't use. Sounds silly, I know, but some people do. Don't insure your vehicle for more than the actual value of the car. No matter how much you have it insured for, you will only get the actual value back.

The second tip is to check for overlapping coverage. Before signing on the dotted line, ask if you have any coverage that overlaps. If you do, ask them to remove it. You only get to collect once. :-)

Finally, go over every single auto insurance discount you think you may be eligible to claim. If you don't ask for each discount specifically, you may be missing out on savings.

These tips will help you get the very cheapest car insurance possible for you. Have fun saving!

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