Used Car Warranty Insurance

Used Car Warranty Insurance

Buying used car warranty insurance may be the perfect investment when purchasing a second hand vehicle. 

Unexpected mechanical or electrical failures can cost you a lot if you have to pay for repairs completely out of pocket when you haven't budgeted for the expense.

You don't worry so much about vehicle warranty insurance when you purchase a new car because it generally comes with a new car warranty automatically.

I'll be honest with you.  I've never actually had the pleasure of buying a brand spanking new car myself.  For that reason, I'm pretty used to having to consider the cost of potential problems for every vehicle I've purchased second hand. 

My husband and I once bought a second hand mini-van from a family member and a few months later the transmission blew up while we were on a long trip.  Ugh!

We were truly stuck and had to pay over $2000 to have it replaced on the road.  That was pretty much what we paid for the van in the first place!

Now that I think about it, we do have a tendency to encounter transmission issues! 

A pick-up truck we bought (used, of course) in 2009 also had its transmission go within months of the purchase.  That meant paying for another re-build; more money out of our pockets.

So, how can you avoid falling into the same pitfalls that we landed in?  That's where used car warranty insurance comes into play.

The Good Sam Extended Service Plan is an excellent and affordable option for those who don't want to be caught out footing the bill for an expensive repair or mechanical failure.

This is not a manufacturer's warranty that covers routine maintenance, but rather a vehicle warranty insurance plan that covers unexpected breakdowns. Exactly what you need in times of emergency. 

There are other companies that also offer their own version of used car warranty insurance, but I'm partial to Good Sam.  You can get a quick free quote from them and find out exactly what it would cost you to have your particular vehicle insured.

Ideally, the best option is to go for a "Good Sam Trifecta" (just a little phrase I made up for you) to be sure you have all of your bases covered: 

I guess you could go ahead and get your auto insurance with Good Sam, too, and be done with it!  :) 

Seriously, though, do consider investing in used car warranty insurance either with Good Sam or with someone else.  You'll be surprised how much is covered and how much money you can ultimately save with a vehicle warranty insurance plan.  It definitely comes in handy.

Safe driving!

Good Sam Tire & Wheel Protection

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