USAA Insurance Company

USAA Insurance Company

The USAA Insurance Company falls into a very special category, in my opinion.

You could safely call USAA a "niche" insurance company. By that I mean that they target a very specific type of client, which can be a very good thing and increase the level of quality in their customer service.

Are you dying to know what makes their clients so special? I'll not leave you in suspense any longer. You've probably guessed already by checking out the photo.

Yep! USAA auto insurance is specifically for people who are involved in the US military in some capacity. The initials stand for United Services Automobile Association.

Even if you're not personally in the service, if your spouse, parent, or grandparent is or has been, you can probably ride their coattails and get insurance coverage through USAA.

Although I've received and/or read a few negative customer reviews of USAA, from what I can tell, they seem to have a much higher rate of positive customer reviews than most insurance companies.

The company started back in the 1920's when some army buddies were having trouble getting insured and decided to band together and insure each other. It was a good move, and as strange as it may seem, the company still kind of works in that way today.

The USAA Insurance Company is not your typical insurance corporation. This is a rather simplified explanation, but basically everyone pays their premiums and they go toward paying out all the claims for the year (and the obvious running costs of the company). At the end of the year, if there is money left in the till, the members get some money back. Nifty, eh?!

That kind of set up makes me like the USAA auto insurance program a lot more than I do car insurance in general. :)

So, if you're a member of any of the branches of the US defense forces (or even some government agencies), it's probably a good idea to at least get a car insurance quote USAA and see if you qualify.

They appear to be a financially sound insurance company and can offer you a lot of benefits even beyond your auto insurance needs.

If you are or have been a USAA member, or had any dealings with USAA Insurance Company, tell us about it.

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You expect good customer service, prompt attention to claims, and help when you need it. Are you getting this from your automobile insurance provider?

Praise or punish your insurance company here. Your input will be a help to future insurance consumers who want honest opinions rather than the company line. Go ahead, rant or rave!

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