Unitrin Kemper Review

by Caught In A Hail Storm
(Tampa, FL)

Review Of Unitrin Kemper Hail Storm Claim

Review Of Unitrin Kemper Hail Storm Claim

Horrible, horrible experience with Unitrin/Kemper.

I originally was with Response and had to file a claim with them; they were great. Unfortunately, now that Response has been bought out by Unitrin Kemper it has been HORRIBLE.

I was in St. Louis and got caught in a hail storm. There was nothing I could do about it; I was staying at a hotel.

Since I've tried to file a claim, they have given me NOTHING BUT GRIEF ... they want to total the car, have undervalued it, and say it may be a "safety" hazard, but all the damage is cosmetic.

All I want is my car fixed and they are haggling over $50.00. So for my Unitrin Kemper review, I have to say, STAY AWAY from Unitrin Kemper!!!!

Caught In A Hail Storm

Dear Caught in a Hail Storm,

Sorry to hear you had such a negative experience with Unitrin/Kemper. It's so frustrating to have to haggle with your insurance company, particularly when you know good and well that you weren't at fault and you have paid for comprehensive coverage.

It does seem rather strange that they are making a big deal over fifty bucks. The insurance agent usually has a little wiggle room when settling a claim. Fifty dollars is not enough that it should make them hesitate.

If you feel strongly about your situation and your disappointment with the quality of the customer care you've received from Unitrin Direct, it may be wise to shop around for a different company once your claim has officially been settled.

It's easy enough to get some free quotes online to get an idea of who might be best for you.

Wishing you all the best and that you finally get this sorted out without further difficulty and frustration.

Safe driving,
Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

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