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Unitrin Insurance takes the pain out of insurance headaches. It's true that for most people, trying to find the right insurance is a headache.

But Untrin Direct Insurance takes the hassle out of searching and lends peace of mind.

The key to making the search easier is how easy it is to navigate through the Unitrin Company web site.

Fortunately, to make the process more user friendly Unitrin came up with Unitrin Direct.

The experience literally is just what it sounds like!

It's a direct link to policies and quotes so you can spend less time on the computer and more time enjoying life.

To be sure that this process was indeed "direct," I tried it out for myself. To start, I was asked to type in my zip code and where I wanted to policy to come through. They had a few options for this.

First there was online, which seems to be the easiest in this increasingly paperless world. Most people are doing a majority of their standard stuff online, so this is the option I went with.

Other options included speaking directly to an agent.This may give you a better feeling of security because some people would rather deal directly with a "live" person.

The second step was to select the type of insurance I was looking for. The options were auto, home, renters and life, because Unitrin Insurance conveniently offers coverage for each of these insurance needs. Pretty handy!

For the sake of this review of Unitrin Direct Auto Insurance, I of course chose auto.

It's a good thing to remember that a lot of times if you are looking for more than one type of insurance that you should look for them together.

On this search you could select one, or up to all the options. The reason for this is that some times you can get special discounts for bundling all your insurance needs together with one company - multiple policy discounts can be a real money saver!.

After submitting my details, I was directed to a link for the Unitrin Direct program which happened to be available in my area. Unfortunately that is where the trail ended for me. This was a bit disappointing since I prefer to get an "instant insurance quote" so I don't feel like I just wasted my time. However, they did provide a toll free number to call with further assistance finding the right policy for me which makes me feel somewhat mollified.

Is this a sign that customer service is important to them? I hope so. For me customer service is the most important aspect of any insurance company because I wouldn't want to feel like I was left hanging when it comes to something important like filing an insurance claim or getting assistance in an emergency.

The Unitrin Insurance website rates high when it comes to how easy it is to use, but I would like to have gotten an instant insurance quote to give top marks.

What about you? Have you used Unitrin Direct to get a quote? Or, have you ever been a Unitrin Insurance customer? We'd love to hear your personal review of the company as well.

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