Two Car Accident Stories

by Skyler
(Cambell River BC)

Learn From These Two Car Accident Stories

Learn From These Two Car Accident Stories

Texting gone BAD! & Slow down while riding bikes!

Story 1 - Texting Gone Bad!

I'm at my computer playing some games. It's a sunny day out and suddenly I hear a loud clank then I turn around just in time to see a car crash at 90mph an hour into my electric pole.

Instantly the power was out. I looked closer and our pole had snapped in half, and was wedged only feet away from falling on the car.

I ran out and stayed a good 30 feet away because I know that you can't be near a car that has any electrical power near it. I noticed a lady 18 or early 20's . I saw here try and get out and I yelled STOP!!! You DON'T GET OUT! I said JUST STAY THERE!

Instantly I noticed I was surrounded by other bystanders. I saw people calling 911, calling the newspaper, calling their family and friends. It was insane!

I found out the same day that the driver was texting and the first clank I heard was her car 40ft away on the side walk and the clank was her mirror hitting the mirror of another car.

The car was totaled but she was ok and the power was on 1 hour later with a whole new pole.


Story 2 - Slow Down While Riding Bikes

This story actually involves me in the accident. Okay, me and my friend Tyler are riding our bikes. We go to spinners and I get a new pair of shoes, then we go to the Jeweler to get my watch made a little smaller.

When we left I forgot my helmet at Tyler's so I rode there then noticed I didn't have the shoes I'd bought!!! I forgot them at the jeweler so me and Tyler grab our bikes and go stupidly fast down a hill. We went threw an alley and into a parking lot.

There were too many cars in the parking lot to see if there were any coming. We went to go across and suddenly BAM BAM, I was hit from the front and back. Tyler was right behind me. The car clipped my front then just as I was about to fly off Tyler hit me from the back. I rolled over the car and slammed on the ground. The guy skidded to a stop. I got up, grabbed my bike, and drove away. THANK YOU! SORRY! I said as I drove away.


So, those are the two car accident stories that I have to share today. Hopefully someone can learn from these mistakes and save themselves some problems of their own.


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