Truck Driver Safety

Truck Driver Safety Training

Truck driver safety should be a major priority for every company in the US that operates large vehicles on America's roads. 

There is always a risk when you take to the roads, but driving over sized vehicles increases the amount of possible damage that can be inflicted during an accident.

Not only do businesses (and independent owner/operators) want to ensure that their own drivers are safe, but they want to reduce the chances of being liable for the damage or injury that their employees may cause to others.


Let's face it; there are so many dangers that drivers can face.  Operating a thousand-pound vehicle is never an easy job.

Aside from the complexities of handling the vehicle, as a truck driver you are being bombarded with physical challenges like fatigue and sleepiness.

In addition, the general population seems to be getting both more and more aggressive on the roads as well as more and more distracted by modern mobile technology.

All of these elements add up to increased driver risk and a greater liability for business, both large and small.

I believe that anyone who gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, regardless of the size, has a moral obligation to be as careful and responsible as possible to ensure the safety of everyone who comes into your orbit.

Having said that, I believe that those who are driving larger and heavier vehicles with the potential to do even greater harm on a massive scale, have an even greater obligation to take every precaution possible.

One way to meet this obligation is to adhere to the best safety standards for truck drivers yourself and provide that education for your employees.

Truck Driver Safety Training

Truck Driver Safety Training

Truck driver safety training is an essential part of fulfilling your obligation toward keeping the roads safe for all travelers. 

If you're an employer, keeping your drivers safe goes beyond the moral obligation we've already mentioned. 

Their training on safe driving for all weather conditions will save you money and reduce the risk to your business success.

I Drive Safely offers a concise, yet thorough, fleet driver training program that will allow you to reduce your insurance costs, lower your financial risks, and fulfill your obligation to ensure that your drivers have the necessary skills to perform their duties with excellence.

The fleet driver training available at I Drive Safely has a lot of benefits for business of all sizes.  It saves business owners the hassle and expense of trying to coordinate an offline driver safety training program for all of their drivers at once. 

Instead, each driver can quickly and easily go online and complete the required training course at any time of day or night, allowing them to work around their current schedule with ease. 

If you're the fleet manager for your company, you'll love the interface available to you that will allow you to manage the progress of all of your drivers without the usual excessive paperwork. 

The fleet driver training program will cover:

  • Driving during winter conditions
  • Driving tired
  • Dealing with distractions
  • Driving a van safely
  • Tips for improving fuel efficiency
  • Defensive driving
  • Dealing with agression
  • ...and more.

This truck driver safety course is an investment in your business that will pay dividends that your employees and your bottom line will appreciate.  Find out more today...

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