Too Young To Drive

by Brian
(Seattle, WA, USA)

Was He Really Too Young To Drive, Or....

Was He Really Too Young To Drive, Or....

At the age of 15 I was eager to begin driving my parents car. Of course they were skeptical but let me practice backing in and out of the driveway from time to time.

One night after playing some hoops I asked my dad if I could pull the car in, he obliged but opted to sit in the passenger seat with me.

The car was a little Celica - standard transmission. I seemed to be having trouble getting movement as it kept stalling out, my father's frustration level grew so he told me to start gunning the engine.

As I revved up my father said-"oops, the emergency brake is on." He took the liberty of releasing it just as I released the clutch and off we shot. 20 yards away was our family van-BOOM! Right into the back of it.

Another BOOM!, That was the sound of the van bouncing off the house.

And finally a third-BOOM! That was the van ricocheting back into us.

I exited the vehicle raised my hands in the air and proclaimed, "thank you, thank you very much", to the onlookers (my friends I had been playing ball with).

So anyways, my father had to lie to the insurance company and tell them that the van was damaged in a parking lot as it was obvious they would not cover for my ineptness and his lack of judgment.



That is a real riot! I can just picture the entire scene. Your parents must have been horrified and mortified, both.

Did they let you drive when you turned 16 after all? I suspect your dad realized that it was his maneuver with the emergency brake that made all the difference. :-)

Thanks for sharing your funny insurance claim story with us. That's a real classic.

Safe Driving!
~Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

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