The Steer and the Steering Wheel

by Charles Wasilewski
(American Collectors Insurance)

The Steer and the Steering Wheel - Funny Insurance Claim

The Steer and the Steering Wheel - Funny Insurance Claim

Here's a funny insurance claim titled, "The Steer and the Steering Wheel."

Across this great land of America, animals and cars occasionally come together. In this case, they came together and stayed together.

Collector-vehicle insurance provider American Collectors paid a claim for a man's collector car after the following occurred:

An insured parked his collector car in an enclosed garage, as required by the specialty auto policy.

It so happened that the garage was on a farm, and the insured's son was active in raising and showing steers at livestock fairs and other events.

The son was washing a steer (steers are male bovines raised for beef), preparing it for an upcoming show. The steer got loose (wet from the washing!) and ran into the area where the classic vehicle was stored.

The animal got wedged between the car and the wall of the building, putting scratches and dents on the car. The insured and his son were able to free the animal without injuries, but there was substantial damage to the collector vehicle.

Morals of the story? If you collect Mustangs (or other vehicles), watch out for the bull (and other farm animals). And if you wash a steer, keep it away from the steering wheel! :)

~Charles W.

Hi Charles,

Thanks for sharing this funny little insurance claim with us. How unusual! It never ceases to amaze me the strange things that happen that lead to an auto insurance claim.

Although the claim was paid by American Collectors Insurance, I wonder if someone on the farm got in trouble for leaving that garage door open?! That was a big oops!

Well, I'm glad to hear that your company paid off the claim for the insured without any difficulty. That's always good news.

If you have any other interesting or funny car insurance claims to share, please do tell us about them. We'd love to hear more.

~Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

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