The Mental Patient

by Michelle M.
(New Jersey, USA)

Funny Insurance Claim Caused By Mental Patient

Funny Insurance Claim Caused By Mental Patient

I saw this one when I was working at a car insurance company. A patient had escaped from a mental hospital and was running across a nearby highway - naked.

One vehicle swerved to avoid hitting him, and struck another vehicle. The police officer filled out his report.

On the diagram section, he drew two rectangles - labeled Vehicle #1 and Vehicle #2 - and an "X". The X had an arrow pointing to it with the label "Ugly Naked Guy".

And people say that cops in NJ have no sense of humor!

- Michelle

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for sharing this humorous story. I loved it!

Imagine being the driver on that particular occasion... ...oh, dear!

I've had dogs run out in front of me and, here in Australia, kangaroos pop up seemingly out of nowhere. That's startling enough, but an "ugly naked guy" would be enough to cause anyone to have an accident! :)

I wonder how the insurance companies involved reacted to this incident. You mentioned that you were working for one of the insurance companies. Do you remember how the fault was assessed and if the driver received compensation?

It sounds like it could have been a tricky one. Who is considered at fault when the real fault was a pedestrian running out into the middle of traffic?

I'd be interested in hearing how it was sorted out if you happen to remember.

Meanwhile, thanks so much for giving us a laugh by sharing that car accident report today!

Safe Driving!
Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

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