Texas Drivers Safety Course

Texas Drivers Safety Course

Taking a Texas Drivers Safety Course has some great advantages. 

Not only will it increase your confidence in your driving skills, but it can save you money on your insurance bill, too.

Believe it or not, you can even get a traffic ticket dismissed in the state of Texas by taking a driver safety course, also referred to as a defensive driving course in some cases.

Texas driver education is required for all new drivers under the age of 25.  You simply can't get a Texas drivers license without it. 

Of course you do learn safe driving skills when you take any driver education program.  But, the drivers safety course we're talking about here is something beyond that. 

The safe driving course offered by I Drive Safely is a short 6 hour course designed to update and reinforce your driving skills. 

What I love is the convenience of taking this course online at any time that is convenient to you and your own schedule. 

Why Take A Texas Drivers Safety Course?

There are three main benefits of taking a Safe Driving Course in Texas:

  • Increase your driving knowledge.  It's always good to take a refresher course and brush up on your knowledge in any area.  It's no different when it comes to the skill of driving. 

    We can often become complaisant in our driving because it becomes old hat to us.  Unfortunately, that could mean that bad habits that we've picked up become ingrained and we don't even realize it.

  • Dismiss your traffic ticket.  Texas has an interesting law that allows you to get a traffic dismissed (only 1 every 12 months) if you take a safe driving course.  The course is only about $25 and a few hours of your time, so it's well worth the effort, especially considering your driving record.

  • Lower your insurance rate.  Most insurance companies will give you 10% off of your liability insurance if you take a defensive driving or safe driving course.  This discount will last for 3 years, so the savings will definitely be worth it!

    You can always take the course again to renew your discount, just check with your particular insurance company to confirm that they are on board.  If they aren't, you can always get car insurance quotes from other companies and make a move if necessary.

Extra Good News!  You can even take your Texas Drivers Safety Course online!   That makes it very easy and convenient to complete the program at the time that's easiest for you and at your own pace. 

Try I Drive Safely for one of the most respected online providers of drivers education and safe driving courses.  They are Texas state approved!

State-Approved Online Drivers Ed

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