Texas Drivers Education

Texas Drivers Education

Texas Drivers Education courses are required for all new drivers in the state of Texas who are under the age of 25.

This age requirement was officially raised from the original 18 years of age on March 1, 2010. 

I suspect they determined that there were just too many young people in their early 20's who were in accidents on the roads of Texas.

As much as it may seem an inconvenience to new drivers, I can't helping thinking that this was actually a very good step for the state of Texas to take. 

The truth is, taking drivers education is an important addition to studying the Texas driver license handbook.  Of course, you need to know the basic road rules, but there's more to driving than that.

By completing a drivers education course, you get a more comprehensive understanding of the road rules, safety measures, and best driving practices.

You'll find local schools all over the state of Texas that offer drivers ed classes, so you should have absolutely no trouble finding some place near you to take your required course.

But, you CAN take driver education online - Texas approved courses - at I Drive Safely.

Oh, how I wish they had this option available back when I was a teenager and getting my drivers license.

Texas Drivers Education Online

Of course, I'm showing my age when I say that home computers were not a common commodity in those days. :-) We were lucky to have a computer available at school, let alone the internet!

How times have changed! I love the convenience of taking driver education online in Texas. You can work at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home.

This saves your parents the hassle of running you around to the drivers ed classes and you sitting through a lecture by someone who is, let's say, "less than interesting."

By taking your drivers education online, you can get it done a lot quicker if that's what you need and want. Of course, I don't recommend that you rush it so much that you don't take advantage of all that training you can get.

Most people only take Drivers Ed one time in life, so make the most of it.  Having said that, it may interest older drivers to know that you can earn a discount on your auto insurance if you take a driver safety course (in addition to your original drivers ed). 

That means Texas drivers education at any age is definitely worth thinking about!

Safe Driving!

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