Texas Drivers Ed

Texas Drivers Ed

Your Texas Drivers Ed requirements differ depending on your age.

To get a Texas driver license, teenagers take the usual teen drivers ed courses. If you are under the age of 18, there is no getting out of this.

You can attend a local drivers education training center that is licensed by the state of Texas. This could be a private business center or part of a school or university program.

Another option is to take advantage of "parent taught driver education courses."

Yes, your own parents can teach you drivers ed if they meet some basic requirements.

They do have to fill out the correct forms to get approval, but if you and your parents get on well, this is a very good option since your folks are probably likely to help you with your driving anyway.

The third option for completing your required Texas Drivers Ed course is becoming more and more popular all the time. Have you guessed it?

Online Drivers Education is a fun and convenient method of completing your course to get your Texas driver license.

You'll find that Texas online drivers ed is inexpensive and you get to work at your own pace during the hours you choose.

I Drive Safely is one of the few approved online drivers education courses in the state of Texas. They are a proven and reliable company and provide great service.

Texas Adult Drivers Ed

Teens are no longer the only Texans required to take Drivers Education these days. New 2010 laws require that young adults wanting to get a driver license (Texas) must also complete an Adult Drivers Training Course.

This new legislation includes every new driver between the ages of 18 and 24.

If you are 25 and over, you aren't legally required to take this course, even if you've never had a drivers license before.

BUT, I do think it is a very wise choice to go ahead and take the course regardless of your age.

There are definitely benefits. Two prominent benefits that immediately come to mind are...

  1. You'll have a lot more confidence in your own driving skills and that will make you a more effective and safe driver in the long run.

  2. You can usually get a cheaper insurance rate when you've taken a safe driving course. That can pay you back many times over.

The Adult Drivers Training isn't quite as involved and drawn out as the teen drivers ed, of course, but it does have a strong emphasis on teaching the dangers of driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

The good news is that the adult course can also be taken online. Many adults have a busy schedule juggling work and family commitments. With an online drivers education program, you take the course when the time is right for YOU.

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