Texas AAA Auto Insurance

Texas AAA Auto Insurance

If you live in Texas AAA Auto Insurance may be just what you need to provide you with that added security of knowing that you aren't going to be caught out and left stranded.

Has your car ever suddenly overheated, broken a belt, or had some other minor catastrophe that has left you stranded on the side of a road wondering what in the world you'll do next? Mine has!

It's an uncomfortable situation to be in, for sure, but you don't have to feel completely helpless. AAA Auto Insurance Texas can come riding to your rescue with just a quick call.

Okay, they aren't exactly white knights, but they may look like it to YOU when they come riding up with a tow truck, a needed part, some extra fuel, or even a locksmith to get you back into your vehicle (been there, too!).

Those are just some of the services offered by AAA Insurance Texas. Want to know more?

Texas AAA Auto Insurance offers its customers not only roadside assistance, but also repair, inspection, and battery services. They provide licensing and registration services, navigation solutions, and a wide variety of research and pricing reports if you are in the market for a new or used car.

I've mentioned the AAA Insurance Texas towing services, emergency fuel delivery, vehicle lockout and locksmith services. They also offer flat tire service, AAA battery service, battery jumpstart service, extrication/winding services, and minor mechanical first aid.

As a member of Texas AAA Auto Insurance you can take advantage of...

  • AAA-approved auto care
  • auto rental assistance program
  • AAA Plus and AAA premium car rental programs
  • AAA premier one-day complimentary rental car
  • 24-hour emergency travel and medical assistance
  • 24-hour concierge services
  • trip interruption and vehicle return group insurance benefits
  • accident assist and ride assist
  • route support

Not bad, eh? It's certainly worthwhile if you do a lot of driving or just want that added security and service provided by AAA Auto Insurance Texas style!

When you're calling for Texas AAA for assistance, be ready to supply your name and AAA membership number. You'll also need to provide the telephone number from which you are calling, the precise location of your vehicle and any nearby cross streets.

Give the make, model, year, color and license plate number of the vehicle, and describe the dilemma you've found yourself in.

Be aware that calls made to their 24-hour call centers are recorded to enhance their ability to monitor the quality of service and assist in addressing member concerns.

Also, be sure to call back and cancel your service request if you no longer need assistance. That's a common courtesy, unfortunately, but some people just don't think of it or bother.

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