by Heath

Horrible Experience With Talro Insurance

Horrible Experience With Talro Insurance


I used Talro insurance through the recommendation of my dealer. I was buying a car, my usual insurance company wasn't open, and I needed coverage before I could leave. BIG MISTAKE!

I made a payment that day over the phone, but didn't end up taking the car. I called them, told them, and they said they canceled it.

A month later, I got a bill in the mail, called them again, they said it was canceled and not to worry about it.

This went on for months, even after I sent a certified letter instructing them to cancel via certified mail as requested.

Finally I got a letter saying I was being canceled due to lack of payment, and I now owed a deposit to be reinstated. This was in January of 2008.

I am still to this day waiting for my refund check for what I paid. I've received two checks for the wrong amount.

When I called again today after receiving the wrong check, I was transferred, as usual, to several people that didn't know what they were doing, and was told the check I was sent was no longer valid because they closed their checking account due to fraud.

So, if I had cashed it, it would have bounced and I would have banking fees on top of everything.

I was told I would receive a call back in an hour so they could look into the matter, it has been 3 and I haven't heard anything.

SKIP IT!!!!! They are very unprofessional. I'd hate to think how service would be if I was in a car accident!


Hi Heath,

My word! That kind of activity has to be criminal. How these companies can get away with this type of behavior is beyond me.

I'd contact the consumer affairs department in your state as well as the Better Business Bureau. At the minimum, they should have a complaint filed against them.

Thanks for the heads up about Talro Insurance. I hope you are able to get your money back eventually.

Safe Driving!
Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

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