Suicide Of A Tenessee Deer

by Nan Varoga

Our Unusual Car Accident Claim

Our Unusual Car Accident Claim

I suppose this isn't an overly 'funny' insurance claim story, but it was certainly an unusual experience.

We were driving to Knoxville this summer when a deer leaped out of the median into the highway and basically committed suicide by impaling its head on the driver's side mirror of my husband's car.

My husband drives a convertible (the top was up) and if the deer had hit the car another few inches higher it would have smashed the driver's side window and ended up inside the car.

The deer then bounced off the car four or five times (making dents all along the side each time) and landed on the highway. I was following in my car and had to steer suddenly to the left to avoid hitting the deer as well.

Fortunately, the insurance company paid the claim!

-Nan V.

Hi Nan,

Oh dear! (Couldn't resist that one - grin!). I've had so many close calls myself with deer on the roads during my many years of driving in the US, particularly in Ohio and Indiana.

Thankfully, I never actually hit one. It's a blessing that your encounter with the Tennessee deer only resulted in damage to your auto and not to you or your hubby. Sometimes these accidents can be fatal.

We've lived in Australia for quite a few years now and we don't have to worry about deer on the roads. Our typical roadkill is kangaroos, or wallabies to be specific.

You mentioned how the deer left the median and made a bee-line for your husband's car, as if it was committing suicide. I know exactly what you mean.

That's the same behavior we get with the kangaroos. They seem to get panicky and not know what to do. Instead of staying where they are on the side of the road, they make a mad dash (or hop) right into the middle of the road.

If they happen to be in the road when you come upon them, they start hopping in one direction and then suddenly change their minds and go in the opposite direction. You just never know which way they'll hop.

In the 16 years we've been driving Aussie roads, we've only managed to hit 2 kangaroos, which is really rather remarkable. Our secret is to try not to drive much at dusk, dawn, or during the night, whenever possible.

Well, thanks so much for sharing your tale with us. Be careful out there!

Safe driving,
Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

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