Stories Of Drunk Driving

stories of drunk driving

Stories of drunk driving can be heartbreaking!

If you or someone you love has been involved in a drunk driving accident, you know exactly what I mean.

But a drunk driving story can serve another purpose. Drunk driving stories can be used to help drivers realize the seriousness and life threatening dangers involved in driving under the influence of alcohol.

Drunk driving news is far too common. There is rarely a week that goes by that you don't hear of tragic tales of accidents resulting from drunk driving.

If you have any personal stories of drunk driving that you'd like to share with us, either as a memorial to a loved one, or as a warning to others, please do take the time to add it below.

Here's a drunk driving story from a friend of mine who has first hand knowledge and experience of how drunk driving affected his own family.

Here's Jibril's story...

One night on a Thursday in late 2007, I had been sitting in the dining with my younger sister, Dama. We were watching Tom & Jerry on Cartoon Network while joking and chatting. I was deeply concerned why my elder sister Millicent was so late. She normally came home by 8:30pm latest. Dama was of the excuse that they had talked and she hinted that she was to attend a party.

Millicent had told her that it won't be long but didn't mention what time it will be over. It was already past 12:30am and we had not heard about her and her phone was dead. The next day, we (Dama and I) were supposed to travel upcountry for our late mother's memorial service. She was to come by Saturday due to work.

When the clock ticked 1:30am, I decided to retire to bed telling Dama to wake me early for us to catch the first country buses. She woke me early in the morning but sinisterly, she informed me that Milly, as we used to refer to her, didn't turn up the night before.

I got a bit skeptical but assumed that may be she decided to spend the night at her boyfriend's house and the phone might have no charge. I knew definitely that she would call to ask whether we had a safe journey. Though Dama wasn't that convinced.

We locked the house and left for upcountry. We reached our home at around 4 PM but hadn't heard anything from her. I tried calling her closest friends but they knew nothing about her and her whereabouts.

The friends tried helping us locate her but were in futility. We called her boyfriend but he too, wasn't reachable. At this point we were restless with nothing else to do than either abscond and postpone the memorial service or go back to the city.

At 1 PM, in the afternoon while listening to the news, there came that shocking news: "A white Peugeot Reg No. KXG 482 crashed after rolling several times and both occupants died on the spot."

"The driver, a 37-year-old man, swerved from the road after losing control of the vehicle. Together with him was a 29-year-old lady, who according to identity cards and other documents found from her purse is Millicent."

According to preliminary reports, their blood samples revealed there was some concentration of alcohol. I couldn't imagine what I was hearing. Bearing in mind that both my sister and her fiancé were holders Masters Degrees. Did it mean they hadn't in their entire lives heard of any drunk driving story and the risks involved?

We had to call off the memorial and go back to arrange for another funeral back in the city. From then on whenever I hear any drunk driving news, all that comes into my mind is the death of the two bedfellows who were to achieve the success that was in their sight. Do not drink and drive. The outcomes are more agonizing than just a hangover.

Thank you, Jibril, for sharing your own heartbreaking story of the loss of your sister. I hope it will serve to help others think before they make such a foolish mistake.

Are there any stories of drunk driving that have inspired or challenged you? Has your own family or circle of friends been affected first-hand? Allow your stories of drunk driving to help and warn others.

Have A Drunk Driving Story To Tell?

Have you been affected by the result of drunk driving in some way? You may have been a driver or passenger. Maybe a family member, friend, or loved one was lost in drunk driving deaths.

Either way, tell your story as a memorial to a loved one, or a warning to other drivers. Let this tragedy make a difference...

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