State Farm Motorcycle Insurance

State Farm Motorcycle Insurance

State Farm motorcycle insurance may be just what you need if you're the proud owner of almost any type of factory built motorcycle.

Not every company will offer insurance coverage for classic motorcycles or custom built motorcycles, but State Farm does.

In fact, they even cover trail bikes, minibikes, three-wheelers, and almost any two wheel bike that is registered and licensed to be driven on public roads.

Since my husband has owned and driven motorcycles for as long as I've known him, I know it can be a bit annoying to pay for motorcycle insurance year round, when you tend to only ride the bike during the summer season.

If you live in a part of the country that has a "real winter," you're probably only going to use the bike at most 6 months out of the year.

If that's you, ask about getting partial year coverage to save some money on your insurance premiums. It may or may not make a difference once they evaluate all of your other criteria (type and size of bike, driving record, age, location, etc), but it's definitely worth asking about.

Keeping in mind that different states have different requirements on the minimum amount and type of insurance coverage required by motorcyclists, your rate may vary significantly compared to someone else you hear about.

In addition, you may want to go with the least amount of coverage required (to save money now), or take on a larger amount of coverage and get some of those additional "extras" (to potentially save money later).

The sad truth is that if you're in an accident while on a motorcycle, you are much more likely to be seriously injured (sometimes permanently) than if you were driving a car. That's not always the case, but it's a general rule because of the lack of protection.

If that's the case with you, you want to be sure that you have enough coverage to not only compensate for your damages to your motorcycle, but also to cover any and all medical expenses - which could be a huge amount.

Unfortunately, the majority of motorcycle accidents are caused by drivers of automobiles, but that doesn't change the amount of damage you could suffer to both your body and your bike.

I read an alarming statistic recently about the number of motorcycle accidents that involved motorcyclists who had been drinking alcohol. The percentage was staggering. Now, that's just plain dumb.

My husband's always saying that motorcycle riders have to be good defensive drivers because of the way others drive. How can you possibly be at your best if you've got alcohol in your system. You're simply asking for an accident.

State Farm Insurance offers the typical coverage types for those who insure with State Farm motorcycle insurance:

  • bodily injury to you
  • bodily injury to others
  • damage to your bike
  • damage to other people's property
  • losses due to vandalism, fire, and theft
  • special coverage for custom parts, paint, etc.

To get the best idea of whether or not State Farm motorcycle insurance offers what you are specifically looking for at the best price, you'd be best off speaking to a State Farm insurance agent directly to see what kind of provision they can make for you.

Safe Driving!

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