State Farm Insurance Michigan

by Lola
(Jackson, MI)

Watch Out For Deer In Michigan!

Watch Out For Deer In Michigan!

I have State Farm Insurance Michigan. I have made two claims on my auto insurance in two years.

In May of 2007, a deer ran out in front of my car. The deer hit my left headlight and then slammed against the driver's side of the car. The experience was frightening plus did a lot of damage to my car. The accident happened late at night.

The next day, I called my insurance co., State Farm. It was a Saturday. I called their 24 hour line. The State Farm insurance agent was very nice.

I chose a local auto body shop for the repairs. The car was drivable but not something you would really want to be seen driving. The left outside mirror was destroyed and the left side of the car had a huge dent.

Unfortunately, this was the start of Memorial Day weekend and I could not bring it in till Tuesday. I needed a rental and because my policy had rental car insurance State Farm said they would provide one.

I was told by the State Farm agent that they had a contract with Hertz but the nearest Hertz to me was in a town about a 40 minutes away. When I brought the car in Tuesday, my brother had to drive me to the other town to pick up a rental.

The State Farm insurance coverage seems to allow a shop to take six weeks to fix a car and this took the entire time. They have a policy that the body shop has to find second hand parts first and if they can't then State Farm authorizes new parts. This seemed to take a lot of the time.

Unfortunately, with the rental car insurance State Farm would only pay for a car rental for about four weeks so I had to turn the car in. I was fortunate that the auto body shop had an extra car they could loan to me for the rest of the time. However, I got my car back in about six weeks time and it looked as good as new.

This year, I had an accident trying to avoid a deer. This happened in July 2008. I was on a country road and swerved to avoid the deer and ended up in a ditch. It took awhile but I got out. I did not make a police report because there no one was hurt, no other car was involved, and the car was drivable.

But after driving for awhile, I realized the air conditioner was not working. I took it to a repair shop, they referred to my insurance company and a body shop.

Again, I called State Farm Insurance Michigan. They told me because the police were not called it was considered an at fault accident (meaning my fault). I went to the same body shop. After the initial assessment, they returned the car back to me and set up an appt. in three weeks.

When I brought the car in, they initially told me it would take three days. Thankfully, for the rental car insurance State Farm now had a rental contract with a local place-Enterprise Rental.

However, the three day job turned into a two and a half week job. They said there was internal damage that they did not see the first time around. Finally, I got my car back.

The real problem is that my State Farm insurance rates went way up. My premium was $520 (even after the first accident) and now I got a notice for $699 after the second accident.

I feel like I am getting hit here for both accidents. My friend urged me to make a complaint to the state. It is upsetting - if I had hit the deer, my car would have been more severely damaged, but it seems I am paying anyway.

I am grateful for my car getting finished - my State Farm insurance complaints have to do with the time it takes, and with the raise in my insurance rates.


Hi Lola!

Thanks for telling us your experiences with State Farm Insurance Michigan. First off, let me say that I'm really glad that you weren't hurt in either of your accidents. That's a blessing.

It really is frustrating when you have to file a claim and go through the whole repair process. There are so many variables that can lead to extended time without your car. I'm pleased to know that you at least ended up with a car in good working order. Sometimes they never seem to be quite right again.

I would have thought that with the first rental car insurance State Farm would have had the vehicle delivered to you since it was so far away. That would have been a nice courtesy that would have won them a few brownie points. I'm a big believer in insurance companies working for brownie points. They need to do something to earn all that money we give them!

I'm not surprised that your insurance went up after the second claim with State Farm. Some insurance companies start raising the rates after the first accident which is a bit low, but two claims in two years starts to scare them. Even though the accidents weren't really your fault, they hate having to pay out. They're in the money making business first and foremost.

If you had been with State Farm Insurance Michigan for many years without filing a claim and then had this run of bad luck, they might be called upon to cut you some slack. If that's the case, try to renegotiate with them.

I know deer are a fact of life in Michigan, but for your wallet's sake, do your absolute best to avoid any more claims in the next few years. If you have a small accident that doesn't have to be reported, you may want to consider taking care of it yourself rather than filing a claim with State Farm. You absolutely do not want to fall into the 'high risk' category or your rates will really go through the roof.

Thanks again for sharing your State Farm Insurance complaints and commendations.

Safe Driving!
Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

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Nov 17, 2010
Deer accident
by: Anonymous

I live in Jackson Michigan. Last year I was in an accident with a deer, tried to avoid it but couldn't. Completely destroyed the front of my car. I was freaking out, that was until I called Oliver's Collision. My friend recommended them to me and I'm glad they did. The workmanship was astonishing and didn't drain me of every nickel and dime I had. In fact, my car looked better than when I bought it which was only an added bonus! I highly recommend their business if anyone finds themselves bumper to fir against a deer.

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