State Farm Insurance Colorado

by Joe
(Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA)

Customer Review of State Farm Insurance Colorado

Customer Review of State Farm Insurance Colorado

Happy with the Farm!

I have been with State Farm Insurance Colorado since I was 16... I suppose that means I have been with them over half my life.

I have had to file a few State Farm auto claims. More when I was new to the road, but even then, the State Farm agents were very friendly and quick with addressing the issues I and others created.

Even when having to file a car State Farm insurance claim for a tow and repair work out of state, they were wonderful and worked with the local agent I was near at the time of the incident.

My State Farm auto insurance rates are unbeatable now. That is probably more due to longevity and lack of tickets and accidents for so long.

Most of my family has been with the State Farm insurance company as long as I remember. That is how I started with them. I believe my parents started using State Farm because my grandparents were customers.

I suppose my great experience could be related to the long standing relationships with our State Farm representatives. That is probably another quirk of the industry.

I find the same holds true with almost any service, though. The longer and more open about your situation you are with them, the more they return the favor.

No State Farm insurance complaints so far!
~ Joe

Hi Joe,

Thanks for the great review for State Farm Insurance Colorado.

I don't here of too many people that are with the same insurance company for 3 generations. It only makes good sense that they would do their best to keep you by offering you the lowest possible State Farm auto insurance quotes. You've certainly earned them.

I hope you continue to have a great long lasting relationship with State Farm Ins. Who knows? Maybe your kids will make it 4 generations!

Safe Driving!
Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

Comments for State Farm Insurance Colorado

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Mar 16, 2009
state farm
by: Theresa

My husband and I have our insurance with state farm and never shopped around because they were always good with us and we never had a problem. I recently had to get commercial insurance however, and had to go elsewhere because state farm did not cover what I needed to have. My commercial insurance was actually cheaper than my regular insurance and we got a quote for our other vehicles and would actually save over $500 a year with them. That is quite a savings, but now I am torn - do I leave a company that I am happy with to save $500 + to go to another company I dont know that much about.

Peerless (division of Liberty Mutual) is much cheaper...

Mar 16, 2009
Ask State Farm for a Discount
by: Angie

Hi Theresa,

Have you tried to ask State Farm for a discount based on your findings? If not, I would give them a call and tell them your situation and the quote you received from Peerless.

You can give them the option of matching the Peerless Insurance Quote or losing your business. Everyone knows we are in tough economic times.

$500 is a huge savings and I, personally, would take advantage of it. The final decision has to be yours, but I'd be willing to make the change. Why should you be more loyal to State Farm than they are to you? They can show their mutual loyalty by giving you a more competitive rate as a loyal customer.

Just my personal opinion. :-)

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