State Farm Claims

State Farm Claims

If you've come here looking for information on State Farm claims, I have to assume that you've been involved in an accident of some nature.

You have my sincerest sympathies and I truly hope that no one was seriously injured as a result of this misfortune.

Accidents can be very traumatic and the shock of what has just happened can cause us to not think as clearly as we should under normal circumstances. It's really important when you've been involved in a car accident that you take some basic steps to ensure your personal safety and the preservation of the facts of your future claim.

First, you obviously need to check for injuries on yourself and other individuals involved in the accident. If an ambulance is needed, call them before you do anything else.

Second, if the accident is minor and the cars involved are blocking the flow of traffic, move them out of the way so no further accidents occur.

I know this may seem like "common sense" issues, but trust me, common sense often goes out the window when people are panicking or upset.

Next, call the police. It is almost always a good idea to get the police involved in an accident, particularly if you are convinced that the other person was at fault. You'll want a police report so that the facts of your claim can be firmly established by your insurance company.

In some states, it is illegal NOT to call the police, particularly if the damages are over a certain dollar value threshold.

Finally, contact your State Farm insurance agent to let them know about your accident. They can go over the basics with you so that you don't make some of these common mistakes...

  • Don't sign anything.
  • Don't tell anyone the accident was your fault.
  • Don't leave the scene until after the police have arrived and say you can go.
  • Don't forget to write down as many details as possible while they are fresh on your mind.
  • Don't forget all of the details of the other driver - name, address, phone number, drivers license number, insurance details.
  • Don't forget to look around for witnesses and get their details, too.
  • Don't forget to take photos at the scene if you have a cell phone or camera available.

Your State Farm claims should be handled promptly and in accordance with your contract (insurance policy) or agreement with them. If you are having any difficulty, don't be afraid to contact your State Farm agent repeatedly until everything is settled to your satisfaction.

It's easy to get intimidated or frustrated when car accident claims aren't handled the way we feel they should be.

Sadly, in some cases we feel powerless and there's not much we can do unless we get a car accident lawyer involved.

If you're dealing with the State Farm claims department, hopefully it won't come to that, but never be backwards in asserting your rights. That's why we pay for car insurance in the first place!

I do hope your accident was a minor one and that you are able to get your State Farm insurance claims settled quickly and easily. If you'd like to share your experience in dealing with State Farm, you can add your voice to our list of State Farm Insurance reviews.

Safe Driving!

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