Serenity Insurance

by TL Garren
(Bloomington, IL, USA)

Review of Serenity Insurance

Review of Serenity Insurance

I have been with Serenity Insurance for over a year now and they have treated me with GREAT respect and fast responses.

I noticed my car insurance rates kept getting higher and I had never had any claims, so I called and asked them to search around to see if they could find me a better deal and they did.

They have saved me about $30.00/month, so far. I was called immediately and the customer service was excellent. My agent handled everything in a timely and professional manner.

~T.L. Garren

Hey TL,

Thanks for that review of Serenity Insurance. I'm not familiar with Serenity, but I'm guessing they are insurance brokers that help to find you the best rates?

An auto insurance broker basically does the shopping around for you, much like those listed on our free car insurance quotes page.

I'm glad to hear that you've had a good relationship with Serenity so far. One thing I've noticed about insurance brokers is that most of them won't actively look for cheaper rates for you each year. You have to make the first move each time to ask them about finding you cheaper auto insurance coverage.

If I were using a broker, every time my auto insurance policy came up for renewal, I would ask them to check around and see if they can't find me a better deal. When I used to use a broker, I found that they usually saved me a few more dollars each time I asked. :-)

So, you did the right thing, but don't leave it at that. Ask again when your policy comes up for renewal.

Thanks again for the Serenity Ins. review.

Safe Driving!
Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

Comments for Serenity Insurance

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Sep 20, 2010
Typical Insurance Sleaze
by: unhappy in CA

I contacted these guys for a policy, realized that it was a 6-month policy after given the impression that it was a year-long policy. Canceled the policy before signing any paperwork, and have now waited for over a month for my refund of $400. I called and left several messages, but they preferred to pretend I didn't exist. When I finally got a hold of them, the refused to refund my $82 transaction fee, although I never even signed any paperwork. Basically, these guys are hard-up for money, and are run by the typical sleaze that you would expect from a backwoods small-town company. Wow... halfway through writing this, they called and decided to make an "exception" in my case, and refund the $82. Maybe it was because I made such a stink on the phone, or maybe it was because they realized they'd had me bent bare-assed over the stump for so long that they took pity on me. Basically, I don't recommend these guys.

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