Selective Insurance Company

Selective Insurance Company

If you're not familiar with the Selective Insurance Company of America, let me give you a little bit of info on them based on my personal experience. 

Although I've only used Select auto insurance, the Selective Insurance Group does offer a pretty good range of insurance services so you can save money by consolidating your various insurance policies in one place.  You tend to get a pretty reasonable discount by taking that step.

I really only became familiar with Selective Insurance a couple of years ago when I got my annual insurance premium (from a different company) and decided that I wasn't willing to simply pay the new higher premium that was sent to me.

Some people find it a bit of a hassle or even intimidating to confront their insurer with their rising costs or seek out quotes from competitors. 

I am no longer one of those people!  I'd rather spend a few extra minutes and put up with any aggravation involved and keep as much of my money in my own pocket.

Because my husband and I spend a fair bit of each year out of the country, I find it easier these days to work with an insurance broker.  I suspect I could probably find a slightly better car insurance rate myself if I was more hands on, that's not always possible given our situation. 

In this case, I simply contacted my broker and told her that I wasn't happy with my car insurance premium rate increase and that I would appreciate it if she would check around and see what she could come up with for me. 

She did the legwork for me and came back with an offer from the Selective Insurance Company of Indiana with a price that beat my former insurer considerably.  This was good news, of course.

However, because I wasn't really familiar with Selective auto insurance I took a few minutes myself to check into the company (online, of course) just to see if they had a good reputation and were rated well by A.M. Best, etc.  All looked well so I instructed my broker to accept the offer and swapped insurers lickety-split.

My Selective Insurance Company Experience

Selective Insurance Company Indiana

As I mentioned earlier, we don't live in Indiana full time.  Although we maintain a residence in the US, we also serve as missionaries in Australia.  This means we don't want to spend money on insurance for vehicles that are parked for months on end.

We generally keep two vehicles on the road when we are Stateside, but when we head to Australia we change the type of coverage that we are paying for.  We leave my vehicle fully insured (for my mom-in-law to use) and then drop all but comprehensive on my husband's vehicle (to cover theft, vandalism, or natural disaster type events). 

For those of you who didn't know, you can make changes in your policy pretty much whenever you need to.  You don't have to wait until your policy is up for renewal. 

My broker had no trouble making the changes needed upon our departure and seeing that we received a refund on funds already paid when we lowered the amount of coverage for the year.

Filing A Claim With Selective Insurance Company

Yes, I'm sorry to say that we did have to file a claim with Selective.  While we were away my mom-in-law had a fender bender while driving my Chrysler 300M.  The accident wasn't her fault, and thankfully no one was hurt, but needless to say Selective had to be notified.

The good news is that the Selective agent was helpful and took care of matters for us even though we were out of the country.  It's very good to have people who genuinely care about their clients and are willing to do their best for them.  That was the feeling I was left with after dealing with Selective during what could have been a stressful situation.

All in all, my experience with Selective auto insurance has been a positive one thus far and I hope it continues to be so.  I'll be making changes to our policy again in a couple of months when we head back to the US for an extended trip. 

What about you?  Have you dealt with Selective in some capacity?  I'd love to get your review of Selective Insurance Company.  Use this form and tell us all about it.

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