Proof Of Insurance Form

Proof of Insurance Form

Are you wondering what a proof of insurance form is all about? 

I know it can be a little confusing because people often use this phrase when they are talking about two entirely different things.

It goes without saying that every state in the USA requires drivers do have auto insurance before they drive their car on public roads. 

In fact, in my state of Indiana, the BMV asks you who your insurance is with before they will allow you to register the vehicle and get your plates.  I suspect it's common practice in most other states, too.

Some offices may be a bit slack and not require you to actually show in writing that you have the necessary coverage, but don't take advantage of that lack of diligence to lie about your insurance status and drive without insurance.

Trust me!  No good will come of it!

If you are stopped for a traffic violation and are asked by the police officer to show your proof of insurance form or proof of insurance card, it won't be pretty if they discover you're uninsured.

In fact, you are quite likely to suffer a heavy fine and possibly even the loss of your driving license for such an infraction.

Even worse, imagine if you are in an accident.  The financial ruin that could fall on your head and destroy your family is really unthinkable.  I'm not trying to scare you.  I simply want you to realize that it's just not worth the risk of driving without insurance.

Proof Of Insurance Form

A proof of insurance card that you carry around in your wallet or glove box is one type of the form that is required in many states to show that you've got the required minimum coverage. 

This card is usually sent to you by the insurance company along with your policy details when you've purchased the policy.  If you're in a dire rush, a lot of companies will allow you to print out a card from their website.

The proof of insurance card will have such details as your...

  • name
  • address
  • phone number
  • vehicle make and model
  • insurance company name and details
  • policy number

There is another type of Proof of Insurance that can become necessary in certain situations.  In some instances you may be required to have an "official" proof of insurance form submitted on your behalf to the BMV after what I somewhat humorously refer to as an "incident." 

Such incidents include:

  • a car accident
  • a series of traffic tickets
  • a more serious traffic violation
  • caught driving uninsured

In most states this form is commonly referred to as an SR-22 form.  It has to be sent directly to the BMV from your insurance provider to prove that you do have proof of liability insurance coverage.

The best thing you can do is use plain old common sense.  Get yourself some affordable auto insurance and keep the proof of liability insurance card on hand.  Drive as safely and cautiously as possible, following all the road rules.

These simple common sense steps will help keep you on the right side of the law and reduce your own risks at the same time.

Safe driving!

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