Proof Of Auto Insurance Forms

Proof of Auto Insurance Forms

Proof of Auto Insurance Forms come in at least two different sorts. 

Do you understand the differences?  Do you know exactly what you need to be legal?

If not, let's talk about the danger of driving with no proof of insurance, and then we'll discuss the difference between a "proof of insurance card" and a "proof of insurance SR-22 form."

All US drivers are required by law to have a certain amount of liability insurance, which varies depending on your state of residence. 

It's that liability coverage that you have to be able to prove at a moments notice if you happen to be stopped by the police for any reason.

When you buy auto insurance, the company you choose will provide you with a small card (about the size of your drivers license or credit card) that you can carry in your wallet or keep in your glove box.

I usually keep mine in the glove box so that anyone who is driving my car will be able to show the required proof of auto insurance form if necessary.

Another popular handy location for keeping track of your proof of auto insurance card (used by my mother-in-law) is attached to the back of the visor. 

The card itself is really just heavy paper, like card stock, so it's not exceptionally sturdy.  Should you happen to lose your card, you can request another from your insurance company.

If you don't already have a car insurance policy, dash over to our quotes page and sort that out asap.  Many insurance companies will let you purchase your insurance, download and print out your proof of auto insurance card all in a matter of minutes.

If you are caught driving without insurance, not only do you risk a hefty fine and loss of drivers license, you also risk financial ruin if you are at fault in an accident.  Don't take that chance.

Proof Of Auto Insurance Forms

Proof Of Auto Insurance Forms

Okay, I promised we'd discuss the difference between the two different types of proof of liability auto insurance forms, so let's do that now.

The first proof card is the one I mentioned above - the little card your insurance company gives YOU so that you always have something on hand to show an officer of the law when you're on the road.

The other proof form is usually only needed if you've already gotten into some sort of difficulty - repeated traffic violations, accidents, caught driving without insurance, etc.

Most states call this form an SR-22 Form, but I've also heard it referred to as an FR-19 (Maryland Insurance Certification), and it's probably got other names in other states.

Some states, like Georgia, require all insurance companies to file the policy information directly with them online in their database so that the BMV (or DMV, etc.) always have a current and up-to-date listing of valid insurance for every registered vehicle.

If there is a cancellation of insurance at any time, of course, the insurance provider is also required to notify the department immediately, too. 

Those are the basics when it comes to proof of auto insurance forms.  Get one, keep it handy, and drive safely!  That's my little tip for the day. ;)

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