Progressive Renters Insurance

Progressive Renters Insurance

Progressive Renters Insurance may be just what you need if you want to protect your belongings but don't own your own home.

The Progressive Insurance Co. has a policy for you to consider. As a college student, I used to live in both apartments and dorms. I never had renter's insurance... fact, I never even thought of having renters insurance until my last semester.

One night, around 10 pm, my roommates and I heard the fire alarm go off. I assumed it would just be a typical fire drill. So we all raced outside, away from the building. It was cold out, and I was not properly dressed for the weather.

Our Resident Assistants (RAs) eventually told us that this would take longer than regular fire drills. So, they got another dorm opened for us so we could go inside.

During the night, we hung out in a cafeteria and got a report that the sprinklers had gone off in our dorm that we had evacuated earlier. They didn’t know where or how wet things had gotten. This was odd, considering there was no fire.

As a group of us began talking, the topic of renters insurance came up.

As I have already mentioned, I had never thought of the need until then. After all, I didn’t own much in my apartment. In addition, every fire drill I had ever been in was a false one - until now. Anyhow, as the night got later, we still were not allowed back into our dorm. So, at 2 am, I called my brother. He lived nearby, so he came and got me.

I was still worried about my possessions, like my computer. I went to his house and tried to sleep — as I thought of a flooded apartment. The next morning, I called the people in charge of where I lived and they said it was ok to go back into the dorm.

I was very lucky when I got back, because our apartment had not been affected. However, ever since that experience, I have always seen the need for having renter's insurance. Below is just an example of what a company may have to offer people...

More About Progressive Renters Insurance

Progressive Renters Insurance is yet another division of Progressive Insurance. Why would that be important?

Well, in addition to my story at the beginning of this article, we all know that these are tough economic times. Consequently, many of you may be thinking of renting a house or an apartment, instead of buying one. If so, you need to think about renter's insurance.

As mentioned when discussing Progressive Home Insurance, renters insurance covers your personal belongings in case of fire, theft, water damage, etc. The landlord doesn't. Renters insurance also covers your home or apartment. It covers you for liability, as well, in case someone is hurt in your home. Renter’s insurance is often called an HO4 policy.

Ultimately, it is best to know how much you think your possessions are worth before buying a renter’s insurance policy. You can get a free quote from a number of companies, but definitely check out Progressive renters insurance when you do.

~Article submitted by a guest writer.

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