Progressive Motorcycle Insurance

Progressive Motorcycle Insurance

More than 35 years ago, Progressive Motorcycle Insurance was introduced to the line of insurance products offered by Progressive.

This last year, my dad bought a motorcycle. This was largely due to the better gas mileage motorcycles get when compared to cars.

Hey, with the high gas prices the US had been facing over the past few years, who wouldn’t what one? I also think he was trying to be a college kid again!

Yes, he had one during his college years. I think that being retired makes you long for your youth!

When my dad got his motorcycle, he also bought safety gear to go riding — helmet, pants, coat, and gloves. In fact, he made sure that anyone else who rode with him on his motorcycle also had this safety gear.

Therefore, I really hope he thought about getting an insurance policy that has good coverage like Progressive.

I also have some other friends who have a motorcycle, as well. In fact, a few years back, these friends were riding and got into an accident. Both of them ended up having to be hospitalized and spent nearly a year recovering. One of them even had to quit working.

Now, I’m not sure which motorcycle insurance they had. I am not even sure which insurance policy my dad bought. But I hope they all checked into Progressive Motorcycle.

Progressive Motorcycle Insurance is tailored to provide parts, equipment, accessories, Comprehensive and Collision coverage, loss settlement options, etc.

Custom Parts and Equipment (CPE) and Accessory coverage is available when you purchase at least $1,000 worth of Comprehensive and Collision Coverage. Most states offer this feature, and it can cover up to $30,000 worth of equipment.

This type of policy protects equipment, devices, accessories, improvements and modifications, except for those that the manufacturer initially puts in, that change the appearance or functioning of a motorcycle or off-road vehicle. This includes antennas, trailers, helmets, and other features.

Comprehensive and Collision Coverage covers repairs due to damaged parts (whether from accidents, weather, fire, or defacement). It will also replace a stolen bike.

Likewise, Progressive Motorcycle offers Bodily Injury and Property Liability, Medical Payment Programs (regardless of who is at fault), and Roadside Assistance due to mechanical or electrical failures, dead batteries, flat tires, lockouts, not enough fuel, oil, water or additional fluids, being blocked in snow, mud, water or sand within 100 feet of the road. The same assistance applies to trailers.

Roadside assistance is available 24/7 and is free for Harley Davidson’s. Other bikes may have to pay a nominal fee.

Motorcycle Insurance also covers cruisers and scooters and other similar vehicles. So if you own a motorcycle and are concerned about which insurance is best, shop around, but be sure to check out Progressive Motorcycle Insurance!

~ Article submitted by a guest writer.

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