Progressive Insurance Commercial

Progressive Insurance Commercial

Progressive Insurance Commercial is insurance for the business sector.

(I'm assuming your looking for info about Progressive's commercial insurance rather than Progressive TV commercials.)  ;)

Commercial insurance is used when the business owns the vehicle instead of the individual, when the vehicle has special equipment on it, and/or when the vehicle is specifically used for business use only.

This mainly applies to small businesses, trucks, vans, tow trucks, dump trucks, seasonal businesses, landscaping businesses, artisan and contractor businesses, etc.


However, Progressive Commercial does not cover vehicles such as jeep tours, double-decker buses, farming tractors, military vehicles, race cars, monster trucks, or golf carts.

Small business vehicles can be insured for liability, medical payment insurance, collision/comprehensive insurance, and uninsured motorist insurance.

In addition, small businesses can also obtain the following options: single deduction endorsement, individual named insurance endorsement, and non-owned vehicle insurance.

Truck businesses can obtain insurance for box trucks, flatbed trucks, express delivery trucks, refrigerated trucks, tanker trucks, tractors, dump trucks, front loaders, garbage trucks, pickup trucks with standard or commercial beds, cement and pump trucks, roll-on vehicles, semi trucks, stake body trucks, straight trucks, tow trucks, and vocational trucks.

Also, if your vehicle is insured by Progressive Auto, you can also insure any trailer that is attached to the truck.

Progressive Insurance Commercial Limitations

Progressive Insurance Commercial

As I mentioned earlier, there are some commercial trucks that Progressive Insurance Commercial auto policies do not cover.

These trucks not covered include double-decker buses, emergency vehicles (such as ambulances and fire trucks), exhibition vehicles (such as BigFoot®, monster trucks, race cars, etc.), golf carts, military vehicles (such as a Pinzgauer or Unimog Trailer), vehicles or cargo requiring a placard, vehicles using repair plates, vehicles not licensed for the road, and wheelchair buses.

Also, commercial trucks that have permanently attached equipment greater than the value of the vehicle to which it is affixed are not entitled to Physical Damage insurance.

Van insurance covers commercial vehicles such as Couriers, Expeditors, Florists, Caterers that deliver goods, electricians, plumbers or tradesmen performing service calls, cargo vans, delivery vans, company vans, mini vans, passenger vans, wheelchair vans, step vans, and sprinter trucks.

Tow truck insurance covers roadside service providers, auto club contractors, rotational towing, auto body shops, auto mechanical repair, full service stations, and auto salvage and auction haulers.

Dump trucks, including gravel and sand haulers, should have Primary Liability Insurance coverage, physical damage insurance, and motor carrier insurance if you are an independent motor carrier. In addition, you will also need financial responsibility filing.

Seasonal coverings include ice cream truck insurance, snow plow insurance, landscaping insurance, fishing charter insurance, and tax consultant.

Progressive Insurance Commercial policies will also make adjustments if you want to drive your seasonal vehicle during the off-season.

However, if you will just be storing your vehicle during the off season, then you should consider a comprehensive insurance only policy. This is a good way to lower your payments and premiums.

Landscaping vehicles fall under the same regulations as seasonal vehicles when it comes to off-season regulations. These include lawn care installation or maintenance, tree trimmers, snow removal, and firewood delivery.

Carpenters, electricians, masons, metal workers and welders, painters and paperhangers, paving contractors, pest control specialists, plumbers, roofers, and vending machine repairmen are all artisans and general contractors needing contractor insurance.

Specifically, they will need liability and small business insurance coverage.

If you are self-employed, you will also need medical payments insurance coverage.

As you can now see, there is a variety of insurance policies that you can get for company vehicles through Progressive Insurance Commercial. Be sure to contact Progressive today to get a quote for your unique business needs.

~ Article submitted by guest contributor.

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