Progressive Home Insurance

Progressive Home Insurance

Progressive Home Insurance is another of the various insurance products available through Progressive Insurance.

But why would you want or need home insurance?

Well, first of all, homeowners insurance will reimburse you for the loss of your home, ability to use your home and possessions in case of fire, storms, and theft.

Sorry!  Earthquake damage and other “Acts of God” are not covered.


Home insurance usually lasts only for a fixed amount of time. Premiums are due each time this period is renewed.

In the US, when people receive a mortgage loan, they also need to buy their homeowners insurance at the same time.

Before the 1950s, homeowners insurance was purchased in separate policies — one for fire protection, one for theft, etc.

However, in 1971, standardization came about in the form of seven different types of policies. These include...

  1. an infrequently used policy that just covers possessions;

  2. another infrequently used policy that just covers portions of the house;

  3. a very common policy that covers the home structure, possessions, and liability for visitors;

  4. renters insurance (discussed below);

  5. a similar policy like c, but covers liability in more depth;

  6. condominium coverage (also discussed below);

  7. a policy for older homes.

Progressive offers three of these types of home owners insurance (3, 4, and 6).

Progressive Homeowners Insurance (type 3) specifically covers possessions, and not the home nor the ability to use it. Progressive Home Owners Insurance will also protect you in the event that someone else is injured while on your property, which could come in very handy.

In addition to homeowners insurance, Progressive Insurance also has renters insurance (type 4) and condo insurance (type 6). Renters insurance may also protect you in cases of fire, storms, water damage, and anything else that the landlord’s policy might not include.

Finally, Progressive Insurance may be a good choice for you if you own a condo. In this case, you must remember that your condo organization does not take blame for lost or damaged goods. Therefore, using Progressive Home Owners Insurance is a way of protecting your valuables.

In summary, Progressive Home Insurance is an excellent insurance to consider if you are concerned about protecting your possessions and of being sure others are covered if they are injured on your poperty.

And here's an extra tip: If you have your car insurance with Progressive as well as your homeowners, you will be eligible for a multiple policy discount. Don't forget to ask!

~ Article submitted by guest contributor.

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