Progressive Direct Insurance

Progressive Direct Insurance

Progressive Direct Insurance is a division of the well-known Progressive Insurance.

There are various ways set up an insurance account with Progressive.  

One option requires a broker, which you speak to in person or over the telephone and have them give you a quote and set up your auto insurance policy.

The second option is to simply do-it-yourself online, via the readily available online quote services available these days; so convenient.

Even though brokers often charge extra fees, they can be cheaper to use at times, because of their specialized knowledge. Knowing this has helped me save money. Let me explain.

A few years ago, I signed up with Progressive for my car insurance. I saw that times were getting tough (especially with the high gas prices I had to pay). My old insurance was getting outrageous.

I knew if I wanted to save money, I would need to investigate and find a cheaper company. That is why I chose Progressive.

During this time, though, I also chose not to drive as much. This helped me save on gas and parking fees. I began riding the city bus part time. However, I still drove some.

So, my Progressive Insurance representative told me about a plan that would let me save money since I drove less now. I was thrilled, because I could still have my car insured.

Progressive Direct Insurance Tripsense Program

Progressive Direct Insurance Tripsense

Progressive Direct offers a program for those who drive less (in terms of distance as well as amount of time.) This is called Tripsense. Some people save around 11% every six months, or about $188-$245 a year.

This is also very useful when people choose to use alternative transportation instead of driving sometimes. However, it would be based on how much I used my car. I was now able to be in more control of my finances, instead of them controlling me.

If you currently own Progressive Insurance, you should find out whether or not your state participates in the Tripsense program. If they do, your representative can give you a mileage device that will measure the amount you drive.

All you have to do is plug it into your car’s diagnostic port. Then, at the beginning of each policy cycle, simply plug the device into your computer. This will determine if you qualify for the savings.

If you don’t qualify, you can use the Progressive calculator on their website to find out how you will need to change your driving style in order to benefit from the Tripsense program. In fact, you will earn a 5% discount on your insurance plan. If you do qualify, you might even save up to 25% on your next bill! It's worth looking into for sure.

I used the Tripsense program for a year, but I just found out that my job is transferring me to a different state. They don’t have Tripsense available there. Can I still save money? Sure I can!

If you are in this same situation, just shop around to find the best coverage for you. Here are a few good places to start that include Progressive Direct Insurance and a number of others...

Do whatever you can in order to save money during this financial crunch. I know I will!

~ Article submitted by guest writer.

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