Portage Mutual

by Jayson
(Irricana, Alberta, Canada)

Review of Portage Mutual

Review of Portage Mutual

Here's my review for Portage Mutual. The service is excellent. My agent knows me by name when I call, even if it's months in between calls.

They've been very supportive when my father was in the hospital with cancer, but the head office themselves were absolutely incompetent.

I was involved in an accident which was in a parking lot and deemed my fault. I had time off of work and decided to go and pay the deductible out of my pocket and give the money straight to the appropriate person.

I paid it 3 weeks in advance and from the gentleman that I dealt with he had to literally go 4 cubicles down to process the payment. Problem was that my payment somehow was late being processed.

Very disappointed in that aspect but my agent is the only person keeping me with Portage Mutual.


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Jan 11, 2012
Canadian Auto Insurance Company NEW
by: Angie

Hi Jayson,

Oh dear! I have to admit that I would have been absolutely furious if that had happened to me. Sometimes the incompetence of certain individuals can be pretty mind boggling.

I hope that you weren't charged any late fees or had your claim held up as a result of this guy not processing your payment in a timely fashion.

It makes you wonder sometimes how these companies stay afloat or at least how some people keep their job. ;)

I'm glad to hear at least that your Portage insurance agent is someone you feel comfortable with and trust. However, let me encourage you to speak with them about your dissatisfaction.

From what I can gather, Portage Mutual Insurance company is a wholly Canadian insurance company. That's great for Canadian residents who want to "shop local." But, having looked at their website, it appears that they generally work through "brokers."

If that's the case, and your "agent" is actually a "broker" there's a good chance that they are not exclusively tied to Portage Mutual. They probably deal with a range of insurance providers and can not only get you a cheaper rate by checking around for you, but also find you a company that you'd be happier dealing with in future.

This way, you can still stick with your friendly "agent" yet give Portage the flick. Just something you may want to check into a little further. It may be that your agent is exactly that - a Portage agent exclusively, but it doesn't hurt to ask! ;)

Sep 05, 2012
Portage Mutual is disreputable. NEW
by: Steve Oetting

I would warn any potential customers to stay clear of Portage Mutual. We used this company for our house insurance for over ten years and never made a single claim. When our house incurred what was clearly significant hail damage, they refused to repair our roof properly. We had digital pictures of hail the size of golf balls. We had dents on our chimney cover that looked like someone had beat it with a hammer. And even after acknowledging that there were several visible hail damage hits on our roofing tiles, the adjuster said they were only responsible for replacing those specific tiles, even though they would not match the original tiles and would leave our house looking substandard. When I expressed my unhappiness to the adjuster, Mr. Robert Borgia, and suggested that perhaps I should reconsider using Portage Mutual as our insurer, his comment was "It's no skin off my back, do what you have to do." I subsequently spoke with a Mr. Kevin Wallis at the Portage Mutual head office who confirmed that they have a clause in their policy that states specifically that they can perform patch repairs and are not responsible for making those repairs match your original roof, thus leaving your house looking like a patch job. What was most astounding to me was that to repair the entire section of our roof would have cost less than $2000 and rather than treating us like a valued customer that has paid much more than this over the years and would have continued to use them into the future, they chose to nickel and dime us on this claim. I can easily afford to repair this roof myself and consider this an inexpensive lesson in what a shabby company Portage Mutual is and I only wish to pass on my concerns to other insurance consumers to beware of this company.

Sep 10, 2012
Dispute with Portage Mutual NEW
by: Penny Chisholm

I have just read the comments submitted by Steve
regarding Portage Mutual Insurance and his experience with his claim following hail damage to his home and Portage Mutual Insurance.
My home was damaged by hail June 2/11 and I am in dispute with Portage Mutual regarding my vinyl
outdoor shed and the vinyl siding to my home.
We have come to an agreement with the shed but not on the siding. The original siding is 17 years old and of course there is no way to match it up. Even if I could get the original siding in 2011/2012 it would not match due to the weathering issues. I too had Robert Borgia as my adjuster and he brought a restoration company representative with him which I found out later is against the "rules". My elderly Mom was sick and dying at the time and I was happy to allow the restoration company to be involved. BIG MISTAKE! It has been a terrible experience and a quote was submitted by the roofing company for reshingling a garage which does not exist and inflated the price of the roof job. Portage Mutual does not seem to care. I am only reassured they have measures in place to prevent fraud. Currently I am jumping through their hoops
to get my situation resolved and I too would never recommend Portage Mutual to anyone. My insurance agent has been great and there is no fault with him or his company. I believe we have to stand up and fight for what is right even though it may be difficult.

Mar 17, 2014
Exceptional Service NEW
by: Jo

I just called Portage Mutual for a recent accident and the lady there, Claire in Ontario, was so pleasant and helpful. I just had to write about how great the service has been so far. I hope it's contagious! Thank you!

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