Personal Injury Protection

Personal Injury Protection

Personal Injury Protection coverage can be a bit difficult to explain.

It's not that PIP is so confusing but rather that each state handles this type of insurance differently and so there's no "one size fits all" answer to give. Some states don't even have PIP available.

Generally speaking this form of insurance protection deals with your medical and hospital expenses if you've been in an accident, as well as the expense of those passengers in your car, or pedestrians hit by your car, within limits, of course.

If you have your own PIP, you may also be covered if you are a pedestrian and injured by a passing automobile.

Some states will classify and refer to Personal Injury Protection coverage as "No Fault Insurance" because basically, it doesn't really matter who is at fault in the accident, the medical expenses are covered.

There are additional benefits that can be included in personal injury insurance. Some of them are as follows:

  • income continuance or loss of income if you are out of work
  • funeral expenses in the event of death
  • loss of services (like child care, if the parent is disabled)

There will be limits to this coverage (from as little as $1500.00 clear up to $250,000.00) based on the type of injury you endure and the regulations within your state of residence or location of the accident.

As with most insurance, the premium you are willing to pay will also have an effect on the amount of coverage you have. Nothing new there! There are also likely to be auto insurance deductibles that must be paid for some states, so be sure you are completely aware of all the details of your policy.

In some states Personal Injury Insurance is required by law, while other states leave it as optional. It's actually a handy insurance to have (says someone who's not that fond of insurance!).

If you've got PIP or No Fault Insurance and you are involved in an accident with injury, be sure to provide your own insurance details asap in this case. You can have your medical payments made by your own insurance and then let them fight it out with the other insurance company if you're not the "at fault" driver.

You don't want to have the bills hanging over your head while you are trying to recover. Honestly, who needs the added stress!

Having said all that, there is an added cost to owning personal injury coverage on your car insurance policy. If you live in a state where it isn't required by law, that's a decision you'll have to make for yourself.

You may be lucky and never need it. Then you may think like I often do, "What a waste of money!" On the other hand, you may be lucky and have it when you need it and say, "Thank the Lord I've got PIP (No Fault Insurance)!"

Whatever you decide, be careful on those roads!

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