Optional Coverage
Those Extras That Make A Difference

Optional Coverage

There are several types of optional coverage when it comes to purchasing your auto insurance policy.

Have you made that discovery yet?  Sometimes you only discover this truth the hard way - when you think something is covered only to find it isn't after the fact.

Unfortunately, when that happens you end up being out of pocket for expenses you weren't anticipating, and these costs can actually be quite exorbitant. 

With that in mind, you may want to consider some add-ons, which I'll describe below when considering your auto insurance policy needs.


Of course, everyone needs to have "the basics" when it comes to car insurance.  Do you know what the basics are?

The main types of coverage that most people consider are the liability coverages required by each state. 

This is a bare minimum amount that you have to carry, just in case you are at fault in an accident to cover the other driver's person and property.

Ideally, you probably also want a designated amount of general coverage for your own vehicle and person.

You can read more about those types of coverage if needed:

In addition to these "regular" and well-known types of auto insurance coverage, there are further types of optional coverage that you can add to your policy as you feel the need.

Car Rental Expense

car rental optional coverage

Car rental expense is handy if your vehicle has been involved in some sort of accident and you are temporarily without it due to repair, etc.

This coverage will pay to rent a car for you, but be sure to check the fine print for any limitations that go along with this add on.

Custom Equipment Coverage

If you've had your vehicle "souped up" with custom furnishings or equipment, custom equipment coverage will reimburse you for loss or damage you may sustain.

Death, Dismemberment, and Loss of Sight

You can name specific people in your policy to be covered for death or certain injuries that they sustain in an auto accident.

Emergency Road Service

towing optional coverage

If your car breaks down and you have to be towed, emergency road service coverage is quite nice to have.

Now, this is one type of extra insurance coverage that I really do like to have, because I tend to drive what I fondly refer to as "beaters" or "clunkers."

Those towing bills are absolutely outrageous. It really doesn't cost much to add emergency road service on to your policy.

However, I've found that I like to purchase my roadside assistance separately via Good Sam Roadside Assistance.   I'm just saying... ;)

Gap Coverage

Gap coverage is especially for those drivers whose cars are not quite their own yet.

If you have a car loan, gap coverage will pay the difference between the market value of the car (which is what the insurance company will give you if your car is a total loss) and the amount you still owe your loan shark, I mean lender. :)

Other Types Of Coverage

A lot of companies offer even more types of optional coverage than those mentioned above. Check with your broker or insurance agent if you are interested in any of these add-ons.

  • Snowmobile Coverage
  • Trailer or Camper Body Coverage
  • Auto loan/lease Coverage
  • Joint Ownership Coverage

Always remember to read the fine print and verify your coverage.

When you receive your policy, look over the declarations page to be certain that you have all the cover you intended. It will be too late if you wait until after you are broke down on the side of the road and then discover that Emergency Road Service was not included after all.

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