Online Motorcycle Insurance

Online Motorcycle Insurance

Getting an online motorcycle insurance quote and policy is pretty easy these days.  In fact, there's not much you can't do online, is there?

The question is, where do you go to find the cheapest motorcycle insurance?  Another consideration is whether or not that option is really the right one for you in your individual situation.

Cheapest does not always mean best!

We can certainly answer some of your questions here, but in the end, you may have to use gut instinct when it comes to your final decision.

One benefit that I consider a blessing is the average cost of motorcycle insurance.  It's a lot cheaper than car insurance! 

That only makes sense, of course, because the damage done by a motorcycle in a collision is usually a lot less than a much larger vehicle.

On the other hand, medical expenses can be just as much, if not more, so you can be in a big financial hole if you don't have adequate motorcycle coverage.

Because the price of bike insurance is considerably lower than auto insurance, you can afford to shop around a bit and consider quality as well as price.

Speaking of shopping around, here are some of the different options of places you can go to get online motorcycle insurance quotes...

Don't be afraid to ask questions and negotiate, especially if money is tight or you're a penny-pincher like me.  :)  You can usually get a cheaper motorcycle insurance rate when you ask for it (speak to someone directly). 

And don't forget about possible discounts!  If you've got another type of insurance coverage with a company, you're probably eligible for a discount by purchasing your motorbike insurance with the same company. 

Doesn't matter if your current policy is for health, auto, life, or home insurance, ask if they offer motorcycle insurance and see what kind of deal they offer. 

Just remember to choose a company that has a good reputation for claims and customer service.   Regardless of how good a deal you get, if the company doesn't pay out on their claims, you're on the losing end.

Other discounts can be gained by...

  • having a good driving record
  • paying your premium annually rather than in payments
  • taking a rider safety course
  • having Lojac installed

Once you've done your online shopping for motorcycle insurance and settled on which company you're going to go with, you can often set up and pay for your policy online. 

I personally like to shop online and then finalize things over the phone, but the choice is up to you. 

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