Not So Funny Car Insurance Claim

by Sherri Devereau

A Not So Funny Car Insurance Claim, For the Owner

A Not So Funny Car Insurance Claim, For the Owner

(This event can be considered a funny car insurance claim, but for the car owner, it probably wasn't so funny at all.)

I was with the Phoenix Fire Dept at the time and we got a house fire call.

When we got on scene and tried to run the hose to the hydrant a fancy and very expensive little European car was parked right in front of the hydrant.

Did I mention you could still smell the 'new car smell' on it from feet away?

To get the proper water pressure the goal was to have no kinks or bends in the hose so the Captain did what he had to do. He busted out both windows of the car and ran the hose through it.

He even went the extra step to make sure the leaky coupling was right in the middle of the leather and burl wood interior, too. The interior was soaked when I last looked, with more than a foot of water already inside of that pretty little car.

Now I do not know the aftermath or outcome of all of this as I was medical and had to go on another call. I would have loved to see this claim and if it was paid. After all, he was at fault. Right? lol.

Moral of the story: Do not park your car in front of a fire hydrant. Ever! We live for this stuff and we will laugh about you for years to come. :0)

-Sherri D.

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Wrong Place; Wrong Time
by: Angie

Hi Sherri,

That must have been quite a startling event. Even though it would have been funny to some, I think I still would have been a bit shocked to actually watch it unfold.

I hate to see someone's property damaged for any reason and find it difficult to take pleasure in other people's misery.

I suspect the car owner has never parked in front of a fire hydrant again!

I wonder where they were at the time? You'd think they would have heard the commotion and rushed out to move the vehicle themselves. I hope they weren't actually in the burning building! That would really add insult to injury. :(

Live and learn, I guess. Thanks for telling us about this one. I imagine it will make everyone think twice before taking the chance of parking in front of a fire hydrant.

Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

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