New Driver Gets In An Accident

by Peggy
(Sunshine Coast, B.C., Canada)

First Accident Story From A New Driver

First Accident Story From A New Driver

I guess a lot of new drivers get into accidents, but I'm still embarrassed by mine. I only had my driver's license for a couple of months when I got into an accident.

I was trying to make a left-hand turn on a very busy street...the two lanes going in the other direction were packed full of cars but everybody was stopping before the intersection to let people through.

The first lane of traffic let me through, no problem, but I tried to hurry through the second lane, not realizing that the oncoming car wasn't going to stop!

I just barely touched their rear fender. Unfortunately, the passenger claimed injuries and I paid the price in my insurance premiums going up to three years after that.

I'm happy to report that I've never had an accident since...except for the time I was rear-ended on my birthday (not my fault this time), but that's a whole other story!


Oh dear! I know exactly how you feel, Peggy! I had an accident not long after I got my license, too, so I guess I'm another "New Driver Gets In An Accident" case.

I backed out of a driveway (after looking carefully both ways) and really got plowed into by a very nice car.

I was more than a little shocked. I'm still convinced (35 years later) that the woman sped up to try to go around me and that's why she slammed me so hard. The speed limit was only 25 mph and she could have easily slowed down when she saw me, but chose not too.

Of course, it was still my fault since I just didn't see her at all, but I'm at least glad that no one was injured.

And to hear that you had someone rear-end your car on your birthday! What a shame. Maybe you'll come back another day and tell us about that one. I hope you didn't get whiplash!

Safe Driving!

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