Near Miss

by Tim

Have You Ever Had A Really Close Call Or Near Miss?

Have You Ever Had A Really Close Call Or Near Miss?

While I have been in one major accident and a handful of fender benders, the best accident story I have is a near miss.

I was living in Atlanta and had to commute on I75 and the perimeter every day. Atlanta traffic is quite unusual in many ways.

One way is 85 mph traffic that will occasionally come to a screeching halt for no apparent reason. No dog crossing the road, no accident or speeder pulled over... -- nothing!

Well, I was experiencing one of those dynamic stops (if that makes any sense) when I heard the screeching of tires behind me.

That sound was followed by the successive sounds of cars smacking into one another. It was odd, as the sounds grew closer the impacts grew less and less violent. Obviously the chain reaction was running out of steam.

With a stopped car in front of me, all I could do is listen, gaze helplessly at my rear view mirror, and fear for my brand-new Volvo.

Just as I saw the man driving the vehicle directly behind me jolt from the impact and roll his eyes, the car in front of me drove off and I followed suit avoiding being yet another domino in an Atlanta traffic accident pile up.

Hi Tim,

I love a near miss! I've had quite a few of those myself over the years. It sure beats an accident, that's for sure.

I always feel like those close calls were the result of the Lord looking after me and nudging me out of the way at just the right time. :)

Thanks for sharing your near miss accident with us!

Safe Driving!

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