My Mama's Intuition At Work...

by Chante

Be Sure To Secure Your Car Seats Correctly!

Be Sure To Secure Your Car Seats Correctly!

One day I was driving my infant in the car. There was no one else, and our baby was in the car seat. I hadn't realized the car seat wasn't placed in the proper position.

I turned a corner and the car seat fell over! I panicked and tried to turn to my infant in the backseat WHILE STILL DRIVING! I was still in the curve and next to a big cement divider.

Well, you guessed it, BAM! The front of the car smacked the cement divider. The car's rear side also bounced off the divider. My front side was all messed up.

My stomach sank, since I knew I'd made a mistake and cost us a lot of money in repairs, but my first thought was my baby.

I checked and all was well. It seemed our baby was a bit shocked and didn't even cry. I had imagined circulation being cut off with the straps being so close to the neck.

I was fine. Our baby was fine. Our car was not.

Of course, the best thing to do would have been to drive to a parking lot. There was one about 100 meters away. Try telling that to a paranoid Mama! I could not bring myself to drive anymore not knowing the condition our infant was in.

So, was it Mama's intuition? I would think intuition would have told me, "WATCH OUT! SOMEONE NEEDS TO DRIVE THE CAR! DON'T TURN AROUND!", but I received no such message. All I received was an adrenaline rush as I leaped to action to try to save my baby from uncertain doom.

I can tell you one thing. I will most definitely make sure the car seat is installed properly before going ANYWHERE again. I only hope to follow the rules of the road next time if a similar situation arises.

~ Chante

Hi Chante,

Wow! That was a close call! What a blessing that you and your baby were both perfectly fine. I think the Lord was looking out for you that day.

I think you're not the only Mother who would have had the same exact reaction to turn immediately to check on the baby. I'm sure it's a pretty natural mothering instinct.

Thanks for taking the time to tell us your story. Hopefully other young mothers will take extra precautions to make sure their car seats are properly installed and buckled in.


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