A Motorhome Breakdown
Are You Prepared?

Motorhome Breakdown

A motorhome breakdown is the LAST thing you need when you're heading cross-country in your RV or caravan. 

Unfortunately, mechanical breakdowns are quite common and almost inevitable, no matter how well you keep your motor home serviced and in tip-top shape.

The old phrase "life happens" applies to vehicle breakdowns, too.  The best we can do is be as prepared as possible when our turn comes so that we don't end having more of a headache than necessary.

Think about it!  If you have good quality campervan breakdown cover, it could change the ruination of your whole trip into simply a slight hitch in your plans. 

So, what are your options? 

What can you do to put yourself in a position of strength and ease if you happen to have motorhome breakdown troubles?

There are two practical suggestions that I want to make that are well worth your consideration to ensure that any unexpected glitches in your travels don't turn into a nightmare for you.

You're probably quite familiar with the first concept I want to bring up, and that's a good roadside assistance plan. Yes, there is a roadside assistance program specifically for those with RV's or travel trailers, and that's available at Good Sam

You can have Good Sam at your beck and call 24/7, just in case...

  • you get a flat tire
  • you manage to lock yourself out of the vehicle
  • your battery goes flat
  • your run out of gas
  • or you need a tow

Roadside assistance is extremely affordable, and one little "incident" would cost you more than your annual fee.  A definite must have and the first line of defense in your campervan breakdown cover.

The second type of protection against a motorhome breakdown is one you may not be as familiar with, and that's mechanical breakdown insurance

There are a few places where you can purchase what is more or less an extended car warranty coverage that will pay the expenses if your RV breaks down, but again, the best option I would recommend for that service is Good Sam's Extended Service Plan.

Basically, you'll be covered for both parts and labor if your motorhome breaks down while you are traveling. This is a HUGE money saver, and quite possibly a trip saver, too.

It's bad enough (and expensive) to have mechanical failure on your home turf, but when you're on the road and you have a breakdown, you are pretty much at the mercy of whatever mechanics are handy.  This can be an exorbitant expense! 

Knowing you've got both roadside assistance and mechanical breakdown cover will allow you to face any unexpected trials with a sense of calm and assurance, that quite frankly, money can't buy.

Happy travels!

Good Sam Tire & Wheel Protection

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