Motorcycle Roadside Assistance

Motorcycle Roadsid Assistance

Affordable Motorcycle Roadside Assistance is a must-have for those of us who like to feel the wind in our face on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, some bikes are temperamental and can leave you walking when you'd rather be riding. Can you relate to what I'm saying?

My husband loves a good Harley-Davidson, and I have to admit that it didn't take long before he made a fan out of me, too.

However... The sad truth is that Harleys can often fall into that "temperamental" category, as a lot of Harley owners can tell you. A motorcycle roadside assistance program can be the best friend to the owner of a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Well, let's be honest, ANY motorbike rider would be wise to sign up for a roadside recovery service.

The benefits are high and the cost is low.

If you were stranded just one time during the year, you'd pay more in tow fees than you would pay for an annual membership for motorcycle roadside assistance.

Here's a good tip: You'll get the best value for money by purchasing your motorcycle roadside assistance as part of your truck or auto roadside assistance plan.

Let me give you an example. You could go to the Good Sam Club and sign up for their basic Good Sam Roadside Assistance for your car/truck for as little as $59.95 for the year. BUT, for only $20 more you can get the works (loads of extra services), including coverage for your motorcycles and even sport utility trailers. (Do you know how much tow fees are these days?)

In my view, that's the absolute best way to get your motorcycle roadside assistance. Don't buy it on its own, get it as part of a package deal, kind of like a 2 for 1 special. :)

Here's my latest motorcycle break-down story for your amusement...

Last summer my husband and I were visiting some friends in Indiana who happened to have a couple of Harleys. We decided to take a lovely Saturday morning drive.

We were cruising down I-65 with the wind in our faces and that unique, one of a kind, rumble of the Harley beneath us. We'd only ridden for about an hour when all of a sudden we realized our friends were no longer behind us.

We did the u-turn thing and rode back to find them stranded on the side of the freeway. I've left out the names to protect the embarrassed, but they were out of gas! Our friend had failed to top up his tank before we left.

The fellas decided that the best idea would be for them to take off on the one bike and get some fuel while we girls waited with the other one - of course! :)

Really, it wasn't so bad as we both have a good sense of humor and enjoyed catching up on all of our news. At least it made for a memorable trip and one we won't soon forget!

In that particular situation, it wasn't the fault of the Harley but the fault of the driver. Even so, if you find yourself in a similar situation, but without a friend on another bike, it would be really convenient to ring Good Sam Roadside Assistance and have them deliver some fuel right to your location.

Safe driving!

Good Sam Roadside Assistance

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