Markel Motorcycle Insurance

Markel Motorcycle Insurance

Markel Motorcycle Insurance is for those who want a company that specializes in insuring bikes and understands the unique challenges bike owners face.

It's true that motorcycle insurance is very similar to auto insurance in the types of coverage available and the liability insurance required by law.

But, as many bike riders know, there are some unique differences, too, and they need to be addressed, particularly if you have made a substantial investment in your motorcycle.

Beyond the usual insurance coverage types (liability, collision, medical, uninsured/underinsured motorist, and comprehensive), Markel Insurance knows that bike riders like to really customize their ride, so a standard policy may just not cover everything.


In fact, they include the first $1000 of accessories in their collision coverage package, but for some of you, even that isn't enough. 

No problem at all!  If you just can't help customizing your ride, you can customize your insurance just as easily.  You can choose accessory coverage packages all the way up to $10,000 extra.

Should you still feel that you wouldn't be completely covered for your loss with that amount, they will work with you personally to assign an Agreed Value to be sure you won't end up out of pocket if your unlucky enough to suffer a major catastrophe with your motorcycle.

But wait; there's more!  :)

One of the other advantages that you may get with Markel Motorcycle Insurance that some other motorcycle insurance providers may not provide is an annual reduction in your deductible.

Have you heard of a company that reduces your deductible each year by 1/4 if you are accident free for the year?  Markel does.  That means if you have 4 years of no accidents, you've virtually erased your deductible entirely.  Not bad, eh?

While that alone is an excellent incentive to consider insuring your bike with Markel insurance, they have a couple of other discounts that you should know about.

  1. You might get a discount on your motorcycle insurance rates if you have anti-lock brakes or an anti-theft device on your bike.

  2. The residents of some states get a discount on their premiums just for renewing each year with Markel.

  3. Considering taking a motorcycle safety course?  It's a good idea because that will earn you another insurance discount upon completion. 

As you can see, there is definitely money to be saved!  You can get an online motorcycle insurance rates quote by going directly to Markel.  They have a form for ease when requesting an initial quote, just like most insurance providers have these days.

If you know you're going to need really specialized help, give them a call instead.

Of course, I always recommend clients to "shop around" when it comes to insurance.  Yes, even though you may think you prefer Markel motorcycle insurance, it doesn't hurt to get a few other quotes from places like Allstate, Progressive, Good Sam, etc., just so you know you're getting the cheapest motorcycle insurance possible for your particular needs.

Have a safe ride!

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