Lucky Time To Have An Accident

by Tamara Wilhite
(Bedford, TX)

When Is It A Lucky Time To Have An Accident?

When Is It A Lucky Time To Have An Accident?

Is there a lucky time to have an accident?

It was a cold and stormy night... :)

The car behind me was tailgating. The car in front of me stopped to turn left. The guy behind me crunched my rear, while the guy in front of me vanished onto the residential street.

We got out, exchanged insurance information, and went our separate ways. The next day, I tried reaching the individual who crunched my bumper. After a week, the start of the next month, I got a hold of him.

I received the final information needed to file the claim on his insurance. Lo and behold, he had a rip off insurance service. He had insurance for the one month his car was renewed but not the next month, this month.

I had to fight and show that the wreck occurred the one month of the year this man's car had coverage. After a discussion that their insurance had to cover claims based on the TIME of the accident and not the date the claim was submitted, they paid.


Hi Tamara,

Lucky time to have an accident indeed! That's a pretty amazing story. I suppose it's not funny in a humorous way as much as it is in an unusual way. I'm really glad you shared it.

I'm especially glad to hear that you did get paid. Oh, I do hate how much you have to fight sometimes to get what is right and fair! I'm encouraged that you managed to pull it off - lucky girl. ;)

You are completely correct in insisting that the driver was insured at the time of the accident and the insurance company was legally obligated to pay the claim.

You didn't mention which company the "rip off insurance service" was. I'd be curious to know. If you see this post, do let us know in the comments section which company you had wrangle your payment from. ;)

Hope your "luck" continues to hold in future and that you are able to avoid further accidents entirely!

Safe Driving!
Angie from Auto Insurance Helper

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Compare Car Insurance with (not)

Well I have my insurance with and I must say I didn't have any luck. I recently had an accident.

A girl ran out in front of my car. She admitted fault and I thought it was all sorted, but now my premiums have risen 60% and I lost my no claims bonus.

The insurance company will do nothing about it because they say the girl could still claim for the next 2 years. Sad times!

Not Just Unlucky, But Rotten!
by: Angie

Well, that's just rotten, in my opinion! Whose insurance paid the damages, yours or hers?

I guess if she was a pedestrian, perhaps she didn't have any type of insurance. Still, that's a huge jump in premium rates.

Is your insurance carrier actually Compare, or are they just the middle man service who directed you to the best quote?

I hope you and the girl weren't hurt. I'm really sorry you've been taken advantage of by the company. Unfortunately, that seems to happen a lot.

You may want to consider switching to another carrier. You may not have much luck because of the recent accident, but it doesn't hurt to shop around and ask.

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