Low Policies Motor Insurance

Low Policies Motor Insurance

If you're looking for low policies motor insurance, you're not alone. 

More and more people are struggling to make ends meet these days and car insurance payments can be enough to tip you over the financial edge.

If you've driven for many years and have never filed a claim against your policy, you probably consider your auto insurance to be a complete waste of money.

I hear you!  I've often felt the same way.  Of course, we have no option but to carry at least a minimum amount of liability insurance in order to comply with the law of each state. 

I definitely do NOT suggest that you skip purchasing the required minimum, because if you are caught you can end up in a world of trouble, and it's just not worth it. 

Having said that, if your financial situation is putting you in a position where you just can't see how you'll make ends meet, there ARE some options that you can eliminate in order to bring your insurance costs down.

It's all a matter of risk assessment.  If you're willing to take the risk, you can stick with the very minimum required amount of liability that your state demands.

Keep in mind that this will only cover the damage you may cause to someone else, and if the damage exceeds the amount of coverage limits you have, you could be sued for the balance.

That's what I mean by risk assessment!

If you've got a vehicle that isn't that expensive to replace, it wouldn't be a very great risk to leave it without comprehensive and collision coverage.  When you consider the amount of the policy and the deductible that you've set, you have to decide if your car is worth the investment in the extra coverage. 

Speaking of deductibles, when trying to find low policies motor insurance, another way to reduce your premium is to request the highest deductible possible.  The higher your deductible, the lower your premium.

More tips for finding low policies motor insurance...

  • Take a driver safety course.  This will improve your driving skill as well as bring your rates down.

  • Declare any safety features you have on your vehicle.  Most insurance companies give discounts for various safety features.  Ask and ye shall receive!

  • If you're a student, get good grades and report them to your insurance company.  Good students get better rates.

  • Shop around!  Don't settle for the first auto insurance quote you receive.  Do some comparisons and negotiate the deal you want! 

You may not end up with the best motor insurance policy money can buy, but you can get the best motor insurance policy that the least amount of money can buy. Wink! ;)

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