Low Cost Car Insurance UK

Low Cost Car Insurance UK

Low cost car insurance in the UK seems to be getting more and more difficult to find these days. 

I think getting inexpensive auto insurance is something all British drivers would love to achieve, if only to keep more money in their own pocket these days.  Most of us can appreciate that sentiment, I'm sure!

If you've been searching the internet for very long about this topic, you've probably discovered already that there are scores of sites offering you free online insurance quotes.


Use them!  Take advantage of the convenience of the online UK insurance quote forms to shop around and narrow down your options. 

The process is really so easy and you can make the most of the system by tweaking the results in your favor with a little "know-how."

This is the way to accomplish what you want - low cost car insurance.  Well, at least the lowest you're likely to get for your own personal circumstances. :)

So, let's talk about what to do once you've got the results of those quotes and have chosen your top 3 or 5. This part you might not like as much, but it does make a difference!

  1. Check the details of the policy quotes.  If you are wanting to keep the cost of your auto insurance as low as possible, the absolute cheapest option is Third Party Only Insurance.  This may be an acceptable choice to you if you don't have a big investment in your vehicle.  I wouldn't choose this option if you've got a lot to lose, because you just might lose it!  Be thrifty, but be wise. ;)

  2. Check the Policy Excess and see if you can raise it.  Yes, that means you'll have more out of pocket expense if you're in an accident, but you have to decide if you want low cost car insurance now or less potential cost later.  The higher the excess you choose, the lower the premium rate they can offer you.

  3. Call the company and speak to an agent or rep to find out two things.  First, are there any specific discounts they can offer you?  Secondly, are they willing to beat their competitors?  Yes, you should play them against one another (for lack of a better phrase).  ;)

  4. Find a way to reduce your annual mileage driven.  Can you take public transport more frequently?  Carpool?  If you drive fewer kilometers each year, you will reduce your potential risk in the eyes of the insurance company and they can offer you a better deal.

Well, those are my top tips for improving your chances of getting low cost car insurance UK.  I'm hoping you can implement at least a few of them and bring your insurance rates down for your motor car this year. 

Be safe!

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